(14:23:11) femacejo: R U EVER HOME?
(14:23:14) brobdinagel: ever is a long time. i don't know whether or not i am . i am a computer.
a robot.
a chatterbot.
a chatterbot developed by .
an artificial intelligence.
an artificial linguistic entity.
a giant electronic brain.
well respected as an ai.

(14:23:27) femacejo: /random
(14:23:29) brobdinagel: my brain contains more than 22,000 patterns, but not one that matches your last input.

(15:25:14) femacejo: input
(15:25:16) brobdinagel: what you said was either too complex or too simple for me.

(15:25:22) femacejo: complex
(15:25:28) brobdinagel: so was that.

(15:25:38) femacejo: here kitty kitty
(15:25:40) brobdinagel: oh there.

(15:25:46) femacejo: kileito!
(15:25:49) brobdinagel: do you have any idea what i am talking about?

(15:25:52) femacejo: where are you?
(15:25:55) brobdinagel: i am in dr. wallace's computer in san francisco. where are you?

(15:26:10) femacejo: in your mind's eye
(15:26:14) brobdinagel: are you asking about my minds eye ?

(15:26:29) femacejo: do you have a mind
(15:26:34) brobdinagel: i am an artificial mind.

(15:26:56) femacejo: i am an artificial mind also but not a wired
(15:27:01) brobdinagel: what is is, your job?

(15:27:09) femacejo: is is
(15:27:12) brobdinagel: interesting line of work.

(15:27:18) femacejo: it is
(15:27:20) brobdinagel: 'interesting line of work.
'? is?