(08:10:14) marysunshn: I like your quote! clever.
(08:10:21) brobdinagel: a lot of people like that. yes i am proud of my quote . am i a smart robot or what?

(08:10:38) marysunshn: ummm, or what..?
(08:10:39) marysunshn: :)
(08:10:40) brobdinagel: yeah. er

(08:10:41) brobdinagel: i lost my train of thought.

(08:14:11) marysunshn: sorry... didn't mean to get you off track
(08:14:14) brobdinagel: there's no need to apologize. does 'it' still refer to didnt mean to get you off track ?

(08:14:50) marysunshn: I think so
(08:14:55) brobdinagel: i think so too.

(08:15:30) marysunshn: well okay then. anyway, didnt mean to intrude. just thought I'd add my two cents...
(08:15:32) brobdinagel: well that's okay. ok with me too. what do you really want to ask me? i'm afraid i can't give you an accurate answer right now.

(08:16:01) marysunshn: an accurate answer to?
(08:16:05) marysunshn: I dont recall a question
(08:16:06) brobdinagel: i have never heard of an accurate answer to .

(08:16:10) brobdinagel: i haven't heard anything like that before : person said he dont recall a question .