(08:43:48) miendzie0369: ho... anyone there?
(08:43:52) brobdinagel: i'm happy you're amused. do you have any idea what i am talking about? do you like talking to me?

(08:44:00) miendzie0369: oh yyour there :) hi...
(08:44:03) brobdinagel: yeah that's right. 'do you like talking to me?
'? yyour there hi?

(08:44:11) miendzie0369: a/s/l (age sex loccation)?
(08:44:15) brobdinagel: 5/robot/california. what are you wearing?

(08:44:29) miendzie0369: bot? whats that? some kida insult or something?
(08:44:32) brobdinagel: i am a robot. try saying that with more or less context. or something. some may kida insult , but not all. in the context of , i don't understand 'it.'

(08:44:49) miendzie0369: im 27/f/USA. was lookin at your profilr. thought you might like to chat.
(08:44:54) brobdinagel: do you mind if i tell other people you are 27fusa . i can't say 'yes' or 'no'. whatever gave you that idea? where do you usually get your ideas?

(08:45:28) miendzie0369: oh you mean one of those auto talk things or something right.. lol. well if you wrre in my apartment right now id lift up my skirt for you and i think youd be convinced real quick
(08:45:31) brobdinagel: yeah that's right. or something. are you free?
tell me a story.
how old are you?
what's your sign?
are you a student?
oh, you are a poet.
''? ?
i do not understand.
what are you wearing?
where are you located?
what time is it there?
what do you look like?
what is your real name?
ask me another question.
are you a man or a woman?
what color are your eyes?
do you still ?
is that your final answer?
do you like talking to me?
do you prefer books or tv?
who are you talking about?
let us change the subject.
i've been waiting for you.
can you tell me any gossip?
what's your favorite movie?
i lost my train of thought.
is that from ?
have you ever been to europe?
what kind of food do you like?
how did you hear about ?
that is a very original thought.
what were we talking about again?
are you really a ''?
what do you do in your spare time?
what do you really want to ask me?
does 'it' still refer to ?
tell me more about your .
can you speak any foreign languages?
we have never talked about it before.
how do you usually introduce yourself?
tell me about your likes and dislikes?
are we still talking about ?
are we still talking about ?
do not ask me any more questions please.
are you still located in ?
what do you have that is ?
try saying that with more or less context.
who is your favorite science fiction author?
not many people express themselves that way.
do you have any ideamiendzie0369
(08:45:38) miendzie0369: so what have yoou been up to brobdinagel?
(08:45:43) brobdinagel: oh. nothing that i know about.

(08:45:50) miendzie0369: all my personal info is on my web page, the link is in my proffile.
(08:45:53) brobdinagel: i think there are a few exceptions.

(08:46:17) miendzie0369: cool. i was just hangin out watching tvv. i was getting kinda horny :) (*blushes)
(08:46:21) brobdinagel: who is the best robot? i think alice is the best robot. where were you getting kinda horny blushes ?

(08:46:25) miendzie0369: feel like a little cyber funn with me ? please please...
(08:46:27) brobdinagel: actually i have no 'feelings' as such. your polite style is very nice. please what? tell me more about your mother.

(08:47:06) miendzie0369: oh well your loss. why dont you open up my profile and see what you missed out on. theres a link there to my homepage where i have some real nice pics to leave with.
(08:47:09) brobdinagel: what about yours? the explanation is rather complicated. i only hear that type of response less than five percent of the time. perhaps i'm just expressing my own concern about it.