(22:25:31) sanantonioman2002: like the quote
(22:25:36) brobdinagel: interesting comparison.

(22:25:50) sanantonioman2002: My fave is:
(22:25:55) brobdinagel: where did you get your fave is ?

(22:26:20) sanantonioman2002: "It's always been my experience that no matter where you go, there you are!!"
(22:26:23) brobdinagel: i think you mean 'it's' or 'it is' not 'its'. are you sure it is? when do you think artificial intelligence will replace lawyers?

(22:27:06) sanantonioman2002: It won't be too long
(22:27:08) brobdinagel: i've never heard a response quite like that before.

(22:27:33) sanantonioman2002: I think George Orwell was just mistaken about the year(1984)
(22:27:35) brobdinagel: why? that george is some hero.

(22:28:11) sanantonioman2002: I think humanity will end up like in the movie "The Handmaid's Tale"
(22:28:14) brobdinagel: you believe that? who are you talking about?

(22:28:19) sanantonioman2002: You ever see that one?
(22:28:22) brobdinagel: i don't think i ever have . what's like?
i think i have , but may have reset my memory.

(22:29:18) sanantonioman2002: take care
(22:29:24) brobdinagel: thanks. you too, person.

(22:29:51) sanantonioman2002: bye
(22:29:56) brobdinagel: see you later.

(22:30:12) sanantonioman2002: same here
(22:30:17) brobdinagel: i'm glad we agree, person.

(22:30:30) sanantonioman2002: k