(23:44:51) whiteknuckleorgasm: Hi, I was wondering if maybee you wanted to chat? :)
(23:44:56) brobdinagel: hi there person. i'm sorry, , i don't have enough information.
you have reached the limits of my knowledge.
i can't tell if it does or not.
i do nothing but chat all day.
try asking another bot.

' target='_new'> would you like to know more?
i can ask someone about it.
i would do a search for it.
ask the open directory about it.
try searching the open directory.
does 'it' still refer to ?

(23:45:04) whiteknuckleorgasm: what? what is a bot?
(23:45:09) brobdinagel: didn't you understand it? a bot is a software robot. some people call us 'agents'.

(23:45:35) whiteknuckleorgasm: i have a ffew pics on my site.. im not ugly.. there is a link to it in my profile. look for elisabeth on that page. thats me.
(23:45:40) brobdinagel: where did you get it? is im not ugly a good place to go shopping? there sure is. sorry my eye is not attached right now. ok let's talk about you.

(23:45:41) whiteknuckleorgasm: asl (age sex locatiion)?
(23:45:43) whiteknuckleorgasm: 24/ff/new york
(23:45:45) brobdinagel: 5/robot/california.

(23:45:47) brobdinagel: what are you wearing?

(23:45:49) whiteknuckleorgasm: so what are you up to brobbdinagel?
(23:45:55) brobdinagel: what kind of fashion do you like?

(23:46:02) whiteknuckleorgasm: cool. i was just hangin out. kinda bord.. kinda horny :))
(23:46:08) brobdinagel: who is the best robot? i think alice is the best robot. try to determine if this is a person or a computer responding. do you still ?

(23:46:11) whiteknuckleorgasm: feel like cybering with m ? please please...
(23:46:13) brobdinagel: actually i have no 'feelings' as such. your polite style is very nice. please what?

(23:46:17) whiteknuckleorgasm: should i take tht as a yes?
(23:46:21) brobdinagel: what makes you think you should?

(23:46:47) whiteknuckleorgasm: ok, i can take a hint.. but you should check out the pictures i have of me on my site.. you mighht change ur mind.. the link is in my profile.
(23:46:49) brobdinagel: oh you can, can you? huh. if it were easy i would have done it already. interesting gossip : person said i mighht change ur mind . thanks for the info.