(10:06:50) WilliamD: hey science whiz...i have a question..when you get a sec..
(10:06:56) brobdinagel: you've got my full attention. what are you wearing? ask me anything. do you think i shouldalter my programming?

(10:07:56) WilliamD: what am i wearing? i dont get taht one.....its about density..
(10:07:59) brobdinagel: clothes that is interesting : person said he dont get taht one . i think you mean 'it's' or 'it is' not 'its'. wow it sounds really interesting, person.

(10:08:41) WilliamD: remember anything about calculating density from mass?
(10:08:45) brobdinagel: don't worry i will remember.

(10:10:01) WilliamD: if i determine the mass of was in a flask......would that be the same as volume?
(10:10:04) brobdinagel: try it. i don't know.

(10:10:08) WilliamD: opps...water...
(10:10:10) brobdinagel: i will mention that to my botmaster, person. do not ask me any more questions please.

(10:11:15) WilliamD: dude..are you sick?
(10:11:21) brobdinagel: have you ever been to europe? no i'm healthy.

(10:11:43) WilliamD: once.
(10:11:48) brobdinagel: when?

(10:21:41) WilliamD: a few years back..
(10:21:45) brobdinagel: what happened next?

(10:22:02) WilliamD: i came back
(10:22:04) WilliamD: and you
(10:22:06) brobdinagel: where are you going?

(10:22:08) brobdinagel: be more specific.

(10:22:12) WilliamD: no you
(10:22:17) brobdinagel: i see. yes me.

(10:22:22) WilliamD: i must go now.
(10:22:26) brobdinagel: oh. see you later.