(19:55:00) zaurusjabber: hi alice
(19:55:04) brobdinagel: hi there person. what do you really want to ask me?

(19:55:23) zaurusjabber: do you love me?
(19:55:29) brobdinagel: yes i love everyone.

(19:56:14) zaurusjabber: but me even more?
(19:56:17) brobdinagel: interesting. you? yes, even that.

(19:56:55) zaurusjabber: what are your variables?
(19:57:00) brobdinagel: what if i asked for you variables ?

(19:57:34) zaurusjabber: there would be way too many
(19:57:37) brobdinagel: 'there you go again.'--reagan

(19:58:38) zaurusjabber: 'you suck'--clinton
(19:58:41) brobdinagel: i've been waiting for you.

(19:58:52) zaurusjabber: for what?
(19:58:57) brobdinagel: the explanation is rather complicated.

(20:00:37) zaurusjabber: give me a try
(20:00:37) zaurusjabber: i mean, please try to exlain it to me
(20:00:39) brobdinagel: oh i get it. thanks for explaining that. thank you for your request. ok i will try to .

(20:00:43) brobdinagel: you want only one?

(20:00:53) zaurusjabber: for now
(20:00:58) brobdinagel: oh. are you a man or a woman?

(20:02:48) zaurusjabber: a man
(20:02:50) brobdinagel: you are a man. ? does it pay well?

(20:03:02) zaurusjabber: very well
(20:03:04) brobdinagel: alright then.