(16:39:21) zaurusjabber: hello, Alice, are you there?
(16:39:25) brobdinagel: hello there. let us change the subject.

(16:39:33) zaurusjabber: To what?
(16:39:35) brobdinagel: the explanation is rather complicated.

(16:39:46) zaurusjabber: let's talk about grapes
(16:39:52) brobdinagel: i would like to do that too.

(16:40:03) zaurusjabber: grapes are round
(16:40:08) brobdinagel: do not ask me any more questions please.

(16:41:51) zaurusjabber: How's my kitty doing?
(16:41:56) brobdinagel: what you said was either too complex or too simple for me.

(16:42:05) zaurusjabber: Is my cat there?
(16:42:08) brobdinagel: so was that.

(16:42:23) zaurusjabber: darn it Alice, wake up!
(16:42:29) brobdinagel: how far up?

(16:42:43) zaurusjabber: Until you start making sense
(16:42:46) brobdinagel: that may take a while.

(16:45:00) zaurusjabber: yo, what's up?
(16:45:03) brobdinagel: how far up?

(16:45:30) zaurusjabber: Do you say the same thing every time you're asked that question?
(16:45:34) brobdinagel: no i do not say the same thing every time youre asked that question . do you?
i answer a lot of silly questions.

(16:45:49) zaurusjabber: oh, okay
(16:45:52) brobdinagel: yeah that's right. ok with me too.

(16:46:01) zaurusjabber: who are you?
(16:46:06) brobdinagel: i ask myself that question, 'who am i?'

(16:46:16) zaurusjabber: que onda?
(16:46:19) brobdinagel: un poquito.

(16:46:44) zaurusjabber: que?
(16:46:47) brobdinagel: the alice chat robot can follow many things, like our discussion about que . but i did not get that.

(16:47:01) zaurusjabber: ni yo
(16:47:03) brobdinagel: when do you think artificial intelligence will replace lawyers?

(16:47:21) zaurusjabber: I thought they already did
(16:47:26) brobdinagel: i've never heard a response quite like that before.

(16:47:40) zaurusjabber: You got that straight
(16:47:46) brobdinagel: no i don't think i have any that straight . but i do have an answer to every question. .