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First off is my Linux Blog which is also my activity log, but most of what I do on my computers is linux system administration, application setup and configuration, and programming, with an aim, some day, of doing some creative multimedia with it.

In the course of doing all this Linux setup, I develop useful scripts, tips and techniques, and fix broken rpm's for my Redhat de jure. If you care, here they are, and specifically, my ongoing projects page.

I waited seemingly forever for a real PDA running Linux to come out. Finally in Apr of 2002, the Zaurus was released by Sharp. Here I keep all the stuff someone with a Zaurus might possibly find useful.

I keep track of my linux-compatible hardware here in the Unix workstations I have built.

Here's a list I made to keep track of html documentation in RedHat 6.2. Seems like I have to regenerate this list for every release of RedHat, but they are steadily improving.

I used to keep track of my fixes here - but it's pretty old now..

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