Classical CD Collection

October 1, 2004

Barber, Britten: Cello Concertos / Ma, Zinman, Baltimore SOMa, Zinman, Baltimore SOCBS MasterworksBarber, Samuel (1910 - 1981)1/1/3000 CD   
Bolero/ Romeo & JulietVariousPhilipsRavel/ProkofievOctober 25, 1990 Audio CD  the composers
Celestial JourneyVarious ArtistsRising Star 6/4/1996 CD   
Prokofiev: Cello ConcertosChristine WalevskaPhilipsProkofiev, SergeiOctober 13, 1992 Audio CD  Eliahu Inbal
Prokofiev: Chout (The Jester)USSR Ministry of Culture OrchestraMelodiyaProkofiev, Sergei1990 CD  Gennadi Rozhdestvensky
Prokofiev: CinderellaLondon Symphony OrchestraEMIProkofiev, SergeiOctober 25, 1990 Audio CD  Andre Previn
Cinema Serenade 2 - The Golden Age / Perlman, WilliamsPerlman, WilliamsSony ClassicalRaksin, David (1912 - )7/27/1999 CDThis selection is also available in MiniDisc format. This album continues the tribute to classic film music from John Williams and Itzhak Perlman's CINEMA SERENADE disc. It is an undeniably old-fashioned and romantic album, befitting the era the music is drawn from. On "As Time Goes By" from CASABLANCA, Perlman proves that he's still one of the world's premier concert violinists, playing the theme with palpable ache. Most of these compositions are by the classic film composers--Alfred Newman, MiklĘs RĘzsa, Max Steiner--with one notable exception. William Walton's theme for HENRY V gets a suitably regal, yet restrained, treatment. Perlman sounds as if he's having a good time with the sprightly Irish motifs of "The Quiet Man." The orchestrations are rich and dramatic, and the recording quality is superb. This album is highly recommended to anyone who remembers when a soundtrack was more than just a bunch of flavor-of-the-month pop tunes.  
Copland, Harris: Symphony no 3 / Jarvi, Detroit SOJarvi, Detroit SOChandos RecordsCopland, Aaron (1900 - 1990)9/24/1996 CD   
DanceriesVega HallDenonSatie, Erik1986 CD  Takarazuka
Elgar, Walton: Cello Concertos; Delius / Starker, SlatkinStarker, SlatkinRCA Victor Red SealSir Edward Elgar6/17/1997 CDREVIEWS: American Record Guide (11-12/97, p.122) - "...Starker plays with marvelous control and virtuosity, leaving him free to make the most of the music....Slatkin follows him beautifully, and the orchestra is terrifyingly uncompromising in their response..." BBC Music (4/98, p.73) - Performance: 3 (out of 5), Sound: 3 (out of 5) - "...The opening flourishes [of the Elgar] are perfectly played but alarmingly matter-of-fact....Slatkin makes the most of the colourful and often lush scoring [of the Walton]..."  
Expanded Edition - Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, et al / Ax, MaAx, MaSony Classical MasterworksRachmaninov, Sergei (1873 - 1943)9/30/2003 CDThis selection is a DSD (Direct Stream Digital) recording.  
Hindemith: Octet; Prokofiev / Berliner SolistenBerliner SolistenTeldecProkofiev, Sergei8/11/2003 CD   
Ives: Symphony no 2, etc / Bernstein, New York POBernstein, New York PODG Deutsche GrammophonIves, Charles (1874 - 1954)8/1/1990 CD   
Khachaturian: Spartacus; Ippolitov-Ivanov / TjeknavorianTjeknavorianASVKhachaturian, Aram (1903 - 1978)12/1/1993 CD   
Music for Strings Percussion & Celesta/Sinfonie "Mathis der Maler"Berliner PhilharmonikaEMIBartok, HindemithOctober 25, 1990 Audio CD  Herbert von Karajan
Prokofiev: On the Dnieper/Hamlet SuitesUSSR Ministry of Culture Symphony OrchestraMelodiyaProkofiev, Sergei1991 CD  Gennadi Rozhdestvensky
Piano Sonata5, Estampes, & Piano Sonata 8Sviatoslav Richter Scriabin, Debussy, ProkofievOctober 25, 1990 Audio CD   
Poulenc: Chamber Music / Levine, Ensemble Wien-BerlinLevine, Ensemble Wien-BerlinDG Deutsche GrammophonPoulenc, Francis (1899 - 1963)11/8/1989 CD   
Prokofiev SongsCarole Farley/Arkady AronovChandosProkofiev, Sergei198748:57CD   
Prokofiev, Shostakovich: Violin Concertos no 1 / VengerovVengerovTeldecProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)11/8/1994 CDThis disc received 1996 Grammy nominations for "Best Classical Album" and "Best Instrumental Soloist Performance (With Orchestra)." Prokofiev and Shostakovich were superficially quite different in artistic outlook, but both experimented in their violin concertos with the genre's typical form and expressive range. Pairing the first concertos of these composers, the prodigiously talented violinist Maxim Vengerov takes the listener on a brilliantly played voyage through extreme emotions from searing pain to bustling exuberance. The Shostakovich concerto, dating from 1947 but unperformed until 1955, is the more obviously "symphonic" of the two: It is twice as long as Prokofiev's 1917 composition, spanning four movements with Mahlerian titles such as "Nocturne" and "Burlesque" and an overwhelmingly dark mood akin to Shostakovich's own symphonies. Not simply a showpiece, there is nonetheless ample opportunity for virtuosic display, especially in the prolonged cadenza connecting the last two movements. Prokofiev's far less harrowing work is imaginative in form; the outer movements are full of mood and tempo shifts, while a motoric central Scherzo--an unusual movement title in a concerto, which Shostakovich also adopts--takes the place of the conventional, lyrical middle movement. The youthful Vengerov has the full measure of these works, often echoing the classic interpretations of David Oistrakh, and Mstislav Rostropovich is a convincing conductor in the repertoire he knows best.  
Prokofiev, Shostakovich: Violin Concertos no 2 / VengerovVengerovTeldecProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)10/14/1997 CDThis disc was nominated for the 1999 Grammy Award for "Best Instrumental Soloist(s) Performance with Orchestra." Though Prokofiev was a modernist at heart, his Violin Concerto No. 2 is a melodious work that comes from the composer's newfound embrace of a "new simplicity" during the mid-1930s. Works in this style would be "intelligible, without descending into homeliness and triviality." The Concerto opens with a pensive solo which leads into a brief declamatory section before finally settling into a warm and wholly undramatic reverie. The second movement is written in a gently rocking 12/8 signature while the last movement, Allegro ben marcato, is perhaps the most dynamic movement of all. The listener is likely to recall in this exuberant finale the playfulness of some of the composer's ballet scores. In comparison with the Prokofiev concerto, where Vengerov's performance is masterfully restrained, the violinist gives an intense and vigorous reading of Shostakovich's Second Violin Concerto. Unlike his compatriot's concerto, Shostakovich's has a weightiness that recalls some of that composer's towering symphonies. The first movement is punctuated by timpani blows, distant horn calls and march-like rhythms amidst the pleading tones of the violin. The central Adagio continues the sorrowful nature of the work while the propulsive final movement comes across as a thunderous burst of pent-up frustration and bitterness.  
Prokofiev: Betrothal in a Monastery / Gergiev, Diadkova, etcGergiev, Diadkova, etcPhilipsProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)4/14/1998 CD   
Prokofiev: Cinderella, Summer Night / Pletnev, Russian NOPletnev, Russian NODG Deutsche GrammophonProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)10/17/1995 CD   
Prokofiev: Complete Piano Music Vol 2 / Boris BermanBoris BermanChandos RecordsProkofiev, Sergei11/1/1990 CD   
Prokofiev: Complete Piano Music Vol 5 / Boris BermanBoris BermanChandos RecordsProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)2/1/1992 CD   
Prokofiev: Complete Piano Music Vol 6 / Boris BermanBoris BermanChandos RecordsProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)7/1/1992 CD   
Prokofiev: Complete Piano Music Vol 8 / Boris BermanBoris BermanChandos RecordsProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)1/1/1994 CD   
Prokofiev: Ivan the Terrible, Alexander Nevsky, etc /SlatkinSt. Louis Symphony OrchestraVox BoxProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)1/1/1990 CD  Leonard Slatkin
Prokofiev: October Cantata, etc / Jarvi, Philharmonia OrchJarvi, Philharmonia OrchChandos RecordsProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)10/1/1992 CD   
Prokofiev: Piano Concertos / Vladimir AshkenazyVladimir AshkenazyLondon/Decca JubileeProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)1/1/1989 CD   
Prokofiev: Piano Sonatas no 2, 6 and 9 / Sviatoslav RichterSviatoslav RichterPragaProkofiev, Sergei11/1/1992 CD   
Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet / Ozawa, Boston Symphony OrchestraOzawa, Boston Symphony OrchestraDG Deutsche GrammophonProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)1/1/3000 CD   
Prokofiev: Scythian Suite, etc / Antal DoratiAntal DoratiMercury Living PresenceProkofiev, Sergei8/1/1991 CD   
Prokofiev: Semyon Kotko, The Gambler / Jarvi, Scottish NOJarvi, Scottish NOChandos RecordsProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)1/1/3000 CD   
Prokofiev: Songs and Romances / Yevtodieva, Sokolova, et alYevtodieva, Sokolova, et alDelosProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)10/24/2000 CD   
Prokofiev: Story of a Real Man / Ermler, et alErmler, et alChandos RecordsProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)10/22/2002 CD   
Prokofiev: String Quartets nos 1 & 2, etc / Emerson QuartetEmerson QuartetDG Deutsche GrammophonProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)4/14/1992 CD   
Prokofiev: Symphonie Concertante/Concerto for ViolincelloMstislav Rostropovich/London Symphony OrchestraEratoProkofiev, Sergei/Shostakovich, Dmitri198863'14Audio CD  Seiji Ozawa
Prokofiev: Symphonies 3 & 4 / Jarvi, Scottish National OrchJarvi, Scottish National OrchChandos RecordsProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)1/1/1985 CD   
Prokofiev: Symphony no 5, etc / Jarvi, Scottish Natl OrchJarvi, Scottish Natl OrchChandos RecordsProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)1/1/3000 CD   
Prokofiev: The Fiery Angel / Jarvi, Secunde, Lorenz, TerfelJarvi, Secunde, Lorenz, TerfelDG Deutsche GrammophonProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)1/1/3000 CD   
Prokofiev: The Prodigal Son, etc / Jarvi, Scottish NOJarvi, Scottish NOChandos RecordsProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)1/1/3000 CD   
Prokofiev: Violin Concertos no 1 & 2, etc / Papavrami, WitPapavrami, WitNaxosProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)2/13/1997 CD   
Prokofiev: Violinsonaten, 5 Melodien / Kremer, ArgerichKremer, ArgerichDG Deutsche GrammophonProkofiev, Sergei2/16/1993 CDSelections recorded March and April, 1991.  
Prokofiev: Waltz Suite, etc / Jarvi, Royal Scottish NOJarvi, Royal Scottish NOChandos EnchantProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)2/17/1998 CD   
Prokofiev: War and Peace Suite, etc / Jarvi, PhilharmoniaJarvi, PhilharmoniaChandos RecordsProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)10/1/1992 CD   
Prokofiev: Works for Cello & Piano / Wallfisch, YorkWallfisch, YorkBlack Box ClassicsProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)7/11/2000 CD   
Prokofiev; Shostakovich: Violin Sonatas / Lydia MordkovitchLydia MordkovitchChandos RecordsProkofiev, Sergei (1891 - 1953)8/1/1991 CD   
Rachmaninov: Sonata no 2; Prokofiev: Sonata no 6 / CliburnCliburnRCA Victor Gold SealRachmaninov, Sergei (1873 - 1943)1/1/3000 CD   
Ravel: Bolero, etc / Boulez, Berliner PhilharmonikerBoulez, Berliner PhilharmonikerDG Deutsche GrammophonRavel, Maurice (1875 - 1937)6/14/1994 CD   
Rhapsody in Blue, etcEarl Wild, Boston Pops OrchRCAGershwin, GeorgeSeptember 6, 1991 Audio CD  Arthur Fiedler
Prokofiev played by Richter - The War Sonatas - no 6, 7 and 8Sviatoslav RichterRussian RevelationProkofiev, Sergei4/21/1998 CD   
Rozsa: Violin Concerto, etc / McDuffie, Harrell, Levi, et alMcDuffie, Harrell, Levi, et alTelarcRozsa, Miklos (1907 - 1995)2/15/2000 CDREVIEWS: New York Times (3/19/00, p.34) - "...Robert McDuffie is a sweet-toned soloist, lending Rozsa's arching, lyrical strains welcome luminosity...the Atlantans and Mr. Levi present this music with conviction, a quality Rosza would surely have appreciated."  
Satie: Complete Piano Music / Frank GlazerFrank GlazerVox BoxSatie, Erik1/1/1990 CD   
Shostakovich: String Quartet No. 8 / Debussy: String Quartet, Op. 10Medici String QuartetNimbus RecordsShostakovich, Dmitri/DebussyDecember 2, 1992 Audio CD   
Shostakovich: String Quartets no 2, 3, 7, 8 & 12 / BorodinBorodinVirginShostakovich, Dmitri (1906 - 1975)2/1/2000 CD   
Shostakovich: Symphonies no 6 & 10 / Litton, Dallas SOLitton, Dallas SODelosShostakovich, Dmitri (1906 - 1975)6/26/2001 CD   
Shostakovich: Symphony no 11 / Rostropovich, London SORostropovich, London SOLSO Live (UK)Shostakovich, Dmitri (1906 - 1975)9/10/2002 CDThis album was nominated for the 2002 Grammy Awards for Best Orchestral Performance and Best Engineered Album, Classical.  
Shostakovich: The Jazz Album / Chailly, Royal ConcertgebouwChailly, Royal ConcertgebouwLondon/DeccaShostakovich, Dmitri (1906 - 1975)2/16/1993 CD   
Shostakovich: Trio Op 67, Cello Sonata / Ax, Stern, MaAx, Stern, MaCBS MasterworksShostakovich, Dmitri (1906 - 1975)1/1/3000 CD   
Shostakovich: Waltzes / Orbelian, Moscow Chamber OrchestraOrbelian, Moscow Chamber OrchestraDelosShostakovich, Dmitri (1906 - 1975)8/31/1999 CD   
Prokofiev: Suites from La Pas D'Acier & ChoutScottish National OrchestraChandosProkofiev, Sergei10. Mai 1989 CD  Neemi Jarvi
Symphonic Dances, etcLondon Symphony OrchestraEMIRachmaninoff, Sergei1987 Audio CD  Andre Previn
Prokofiev: Symphonies 2 & 3Orchestra National de FranceEratoProkofiev, SergeiMarch 10, 1992 Audio CD  Mstislav Rostropovich
Prokofiev: Symphony 6 / Scythian SuiteLos Angeles PhilharmonicPhilipsProkofiev, SergeiOctober 25, 1990 Audio CD  Andre Previn
The PlanetsToronto SymphonyEMIHolst, GustafOctober 25, 1990 Audio CD  Andrew Davis
Transformations for StringsSeattle SymphonyDelosWebern/Strauss/Honegger199371:30CD  Gerard Schwarz
Violin and 'cello DuosEleonora and Yuli TurovskyChandosShostakovich, Prokofiev and Glazunov This is an odd collection of material. Most of the disc is occupied by 19 of Shostakovich's 24 preludes, originally for piano, arranged for violin and piano by the violinist Dmitri Tziganov. (Tziganov's string quartet, the Beethoven Quartet, premiered most of Shostakovich's string quartets.) The music is still fine minor Shostakovich, but these arrangements hardly seem necessary, and the various Prokofiev transcriptions and Glazounov cello pieces don't lend much substance either. Are you in the mood for a large dish of Russian musical candy? The performances are OK, but nobody seems terribly thrilled about what they are doing here. --Leslie Gerber Customer Reviews  
Prokofiev: War and Peace OperaSofia National OperaFidelioProkofiev, Sergei1986 CD  Rouslan Raichev
Yo-Yo Ma Solo - O'Connor, Sheng, Wilde, Tcherepnin, KodalyYo-Yo MaSony ClassicalO'Connor, Mark9/21/1999 CDThis selection is also available in Super Audio CD format. Bach showed that the cello can dance, but composers from Rossini to Shostakovich have favored it as an instrument of pensive reflection and brooding melancholy. The playful cover photo notwithstanding, SOLO features Yo-Yo Ma in five 20th century cello works of a serious nature, all with folk influence and all echoing at least a bit of the troubles of the times in which they were written. Mark O'Connor's wistful 'Appalachia Waltz' is the most relaxed piece, sounding like a back porch meditation on an overcast day. Bright Sheng's 'Seven Tunes Heard in China' is much edgier and abrasive in the BartĘk manner, while David Wilde's 'The Cellist of Sarajevo' is an outpouring of unmitigated grief in arch form; lament unfolding into rage and then retreating into silence. Alexander Tcherepnin's Suite is an odd hybrid, a product of the Russian-born, widely traveled composer's interest in Chinese culture. Lastly, there is the masterful Sonata of Zolt†n Kod†ly, a real heir to the Bach Suites in that it presents a self-contained world while stretching the cello to its limits. In his relentless quest to explore uncharted territories of cellodom, Yo-Yo Ma has delivered a recital for unaccompanied cello that--daringly--hasn't any Bach. Instead, there are five works by as many composers, only two of which are truly successful as solo cello outings: Bright Sheng's Seven Tunes Heard in China (a self-explanatory title if there ever was one) and Zoltan Kodaly's justly famous Sonata for Solo Cello Op. 8. You'd be right to wonder how comfortable two such ethnically disparate works would fare on the same disc, but Ma seems to find solid points of connection. Both use the cello in much the same way, and the kind of pipa-like fingerslides that are appropriate to Sheng's attractive, modal Chinese songs give an extra exoticism to Kodaly's hyper-dramatic cello soliloquy. Whether that's appropriate to the Kodaly piece is up for argument; but in the context of this disc--and Ma's overall convincingly introspective manner--it makes a certain amount of sense. As for the other works, those who love Mark O'Connor's Appalachia Waltz probably have it elsewhere and don't need this solo cello version. Though the sincerity behind David Wilde's The Cellist of Sarajevo and Alexander Tcherepnin's Suite for Solo Cello hardly can be doubted, that doesn't mean the pieces hold up on repeated hearing.