Connections of the Four Davenport Brothers to

Prince George County, Virginia Davenport's

Feb 21, 2013

update July 19, 2015 For my Davenport cousins visiting this page.  In the process of doing research for this paper, and in the several years since, I came to doubt any possible connection to the Prince George Co Davenports.    When I found the neighbors and -in-laws of the Davenports in Jackson Co, TN had all lived in a small neighborhood in Franklin Co, VA along Teel Creek and Maggoddee Creek - precisely where Glover Davenport family lived, whose son John our DNA matches, that was just too coincidental not to have been where our Davenports came from also (see below).  John Davenport had a brother Joseph "said to have gone to TN".   We also find a Joseph Davenport family in 1810 Grainger Co, TN with matching ages for the 4 brothers ( no other Davenport family in the 1810 VA census does that).   This Joseph is age 45+, or born before 1765.   We still do not know his wife Nancy mentioned in the Pamunkey Chronicles - maybe she was  a Ledbetter [ there was a Nancy Ledbetter in Bedford Co, VA then ].  He may have married more than once as the grandson of the youngest brother Charles claimed that Charles was 1/2 Choctaw Indian.

What's known about Prince George Co, VA Davenport's

Dr John Scott Davenport first made the case for a separate group of Davenports who lived along the James River who were unrelated to his Pamunkey Davenports. [JRD]

The patriarch of the Prince George Co, VA Davenports is George Davenport whose first mention in the records is a land patent on Oct 27 1702. These other Davenport names occur in association with each other, establishing their relatedness, and split by generation:

1) George (1680)

2) Thomas, George, Jr, Henry? (1705)

3) Edward, James (1730)

4) David, Susanna, Nancy, Daniel, Matthew, Edward (1760)

Thomas and George, Jr are sons of George, but otherwise the family relationship between these generations is unknown. David is older and no longer a minor by 1776 ; he could be a brother of Edward or oldest son.[JSD message]

The only known living descendants of these Davenports are descendants of Matthew Deavenport born 1766. He was a Baptist minister who lived to 100.  Matthew and sons moved to Giles Co, TN between 1816-1820, and later, Lawrence Co, TN. [JHD] [GHL] These descendants have a tradition, starting with Matthew, of writing their name as “Deavenport”. Many of them still live across the South (Virginia, Florida, Mississippi, and Texas). Unfortunately none have been willing to take the Y-DNA test to establish our relatedness.

Samuel LeRoy Deavenport wrote this about Matthew:

During early boyhood, after his mother had married the second time, he and his stepfather seems could not agree, so he went elsewhere, and as the educational facilities in those days were bad, he failed to receive much benefit therefrom,so in the spelling of his name,later on, he was told to spell it  Deavenport,which he ever did, and it was so handed down to his descendants,who are proud of it, for its individuality and untraceable beyond,father  Matthew Davenport. 

Other possible descendants of PG Davenport's have been Y-DNA tested. They claim descent from George Davenport, Jr of Amelia Co., VA. This group of matching DNA results is currently listed at James River Davenports . They do not match our line.

What's known about our Davenport's

Seven Davenport men have now taken the Y-DNA test which proves we are related through a common Davenport patriarch. However, our known Davenport ancestry splits us into 3 unattached lines:

  1. John Davenport b.1767 Bedford Co, VA

  2. The Four Brothers born 1789-1794 VA

  3. Thomas C Davenport b.1823 KY

The testee's relationship:

The markers as displayed on

Note overall how most markers are identical. The “Genetic Distance”, GD, includes adjustments for certain markers, but between the different results are GD's of 1 and 2. On average, only 1 mutation is expected every 200 years, so a GD of 2 implies a common ancestor quite far back.

Oct 2012 another Davenport tested matching us. He descends from John's son David.

The Case for the 4 brothers sons of Daniel Davenport and Elizabeth Ledbetter


  1. Joseph Davenport b.1789 VA had a daughter named Adaline Ledbetter Davenport. Last names are often used as first names when children are named after their mother's (or grandmother's) maiden names. A marriage between Davenport and Ledbetter was found in Prince George Co, VA, in a deed from "Ledbetters from Virginia", pg 37-38

    "...On 3 Feb 1787 Joseph, Junior, sold a slave to Daniel Davenport "now in possession of said Daniel and his wife, Elizabeth, daughter of said Ledbetter," Prince George Deed Book 1, p.164. Deed was witnessed by William, brother of Joseph, Junior. On 10 Feb 1789 Joseph "for natural for his brother," Wood deeds to him 104 acres on Procock Swamp adjoining David Davenport, Prince George Deed Book 1, p 216. Joseph and wife Mary in 1789 sold land to Allen Hadden as shown by Deed Records of Dinwiddie County. Joseph was on tax list of Prince George Co from 1782 to 1796. Joseph m. about 1765 Mary, d 1808, dau of John Lanthrop and wife Rebecca. They had Elizabeth, m before 1787 Daniel Davenport...."

  2. Elizabeth Ledbetter Davenport was daughter of Joseph Ledbetter, Jr b~1745. This puts a range on her birthdate of 1763-1770. The Four Brothers moved to Jackson Co, TN about 1813 and in 1830 a much older woman, Elizabeth Davenport, appears in the census, aged 70-79. She could be their mother or grandmother, but approximately matches the age of Elizabeth Ledbetter Davenport.

  3. Elizabeth Ledbetter Davenport's age implies that 1787 was when she married Daniel, and that the slave was a wedding gift. Also Daniel Davenport is not found in any tax list or land deed before 1786, implying he was still a minor before then (and not married before then either). This is coincidentally just before the birth of the Four Brothers in 1789-1794.

  4. Common given-names among our Davenport's are found in these Ledbetters: Joseph was Elizabeth's father, she had uncles named Henry and James, and a cousin named Charles. James was also a PG Davenport. ( Daughters of the 4 brothers were Emaline, Evaline, Carrol, Nancy, Sarah, Serena, Marsilva, Elizabeth, Martha twice, Adaline (again!), Minerva twice, Nelly, Amanda, Matilda, Permelia, Cansada, & Mary. The few PG Davenport daughters names we have are Susanna, Elizabeth, Nancy, Patsy, Jane, Mary, & Sarah, and they are just common names)

  5. The PG Davenport's were Baptists, and perhaps even ministers. Patriarch George Davenport was son-in-law of Matthew Marks who was instrumental in bringing the Baptist faith to Virginia. One of the earliest Baptist churches in the area was originally called the Davenport Church. Matthew Deavenport was a life-long practicing minister for the Primitive Baptist faith. I was told growing up that my Davenport's came from a long line of preachers, and my great-grandfather was a Methodist minister.

  6. Autosomal DNA indicates a connection. I have found matches to descendants of PG Ledbetters, Sturdivants, Marks/Robertsons, and Wynns, who were associated with Davenports there.

  7. Migration patterns support an origin from PG to Jackson Co, TN. Neighbors and associated families in Smith Co, TN and Jackson Co, TN came from Franklin/Bedford/Campbell/PG. (Discussed below)

Possibly curious coincidence:

    William Ledbetter was born in Brunswick Co, VA 1800 (next to PG) and married Elizabeth Adaline Welborne 1828 in Williamson Co, TN. They had a daughter, Adaline Ledbetter, in 1842 Ruthersford Co, TN. Adaline Ledbetter Davenport was born in 1834. Adaline Ledbetter in Rutherford was very rich, and said to own half the town of Murfreesboro when she married millionaire Thomas Elliott in 1910.


    1) No Daniel, Edward, David, or Matthew names among the Four Brothers or their children.
    2) Thomas and James Davenport b~1798 in Prince George Co, married the Cox sisters, suggesting they are brothers.  Thomas death cert says his father was Daniel (2 different versions of his mother - neither Elizabeth), so seems highly unlikely he would have 2 sons named James!

Connections to John Davenport b.1767 Bedford Co, VA

John Deavenport living with granddaughter Polly Williams in Russell Co, VA 1850 says he was born 1767 in Bedford Co, VA.

Two coincidences in this:

  1. Bedford Co in 1767 included Campbell Co, VA which was formed from its eastern half in 1781, and where PG Davenports Edward and Daniel moved to in 1797 (and not before - “Extant Campbell County Personal Property Tax Lists begin with 1785, but no Davenport appeared on any of the lists before 1797. No Land Tax Lists are extant before 1797.” [JRD]

  2. “Deavenport” is an unusual spelling of the name associated with Matthew Deavenport and descendants. Both John and son Isham were “Deavenport” in the Russell Co, VA Census of 1850.

The connection between our Davenports and Franklin Co, TN is

  1. John Davenport married Lucy Hall there 1791

  2. Mary Thomas , wife of Joseph Davenport, was born there in 1788.

  3. Sarah Thomas, probably Mary's sister, married Thomas Cassetty there in 1796. They were the parents of Hannah Cassetty who married Henry Davenport.

There really is plenty of room to fit John into the known Prince George Co Davenports. George Davenport, Jr, brother of Thomas, moved to Amelia County early on to have a very large family (5 sons in 9 children ) - and one of them was a John! John and most of his siblings had moved to Lincoln Co, NC by 1790, but at least this shows John was a given-name used by the PG Davenport's. By other remarks, we suspect there were many more PG Davenport's than we currently have records for.[JRD]

For example,  Lucy Hall, wife of John Davenport, born and raised in Franklin Co, VA, is daughter of Isham Hall born in Lunenberg Co, VA (just east of Charlotte).   Contemporary with Isham in Lunenberg is a Henry Davenport who Pamunkey Doc says is definitely not a Pamunkey.   First record for Henry is 1745 Brunswick (part that became Lunenberg), putting him somewhere between the Thomas and Edward generations, but 1745 is also when George, Jr moved to Amelia.  It also fits that Henry disappears from Lunenberg about 1759 ( so he could have moved to Bedford/Campbell, but really does disappear entirely with no subsequent records identifying him.)

Many families came together from Franklin Co, VA in the early 1800's (1804) to Jackson Co, TN.   We see some of them on an 1806 petition.   Their names included Cassity's, Canaday's, Thomas's, Sneed's, Sloan's, and Diehl/Teel/Teal's. They were neighbors of the Davenport's in Jackson Co, TN, and often married into the Davenports. Joseph Teel Mill and Slone Mill are north and northwest, respectively of Gogginsville in this special early settlers map of Franklin Co, VA. We find the Thomas's lived in the same area – between Little Creek and Maggotty Creek. Astonishingly, Glover Davenport and son, John, lived along Maggotty Creek. On this map, Easom Sloan, William Canaday, and John Snead live towards the southwest part of Franklin Co, VA.  John married Lucy Hall daughter of Isham Hall , who lived about 10 miles SE of Maggotty Creek.

Migration Patterns support PG Davenport's in Jackson Co, TN

As mentioned above, the Cassity's/Cassetty's, Thomas', Sneed's, Sloan's, and Teal's all came from Franklin Co, VA to Smith and Jackson counties in TN. Among them was a David Thomas who came from Bedford Co, VA (or simply that part of Bedford which became Franklin) – again consistent with the PG connection. They would have followed the popular “Great Valley Road” which passes through Roanoke, VA (just above Franklin County) down to Knoxville.

From Knoxville, Jackson County is a straight shot via Avery's Trace. Parts of it were also known as Emery Road. In fact, it passes right through where the Four Brothers settled in 1813. Joseph, Henry, and Charles served in the War of 1812 and probably enlisted at Ft Blount. Earliest land deeds were along Flynn's Lick and Wartrace Creek which flow into the Cumberland River.

So many Virginians took this route to get to Jackson Co, TN, but it also seems likely the 4 young brothers would not have traveled alone. Also, although we know Joseph,Henry, & Charles were there in July,1813, they could have been there after 1806 (when many names appear on a county petition, but no “Davenport”) or even earlier as minors.

Many of the Davenport's earliest neighbors and -in-laws in Jackson County came from the same part of VA:

Unfortunately, the first census in 1820 and also 1830 for Jackson Co, TN was alphabetized so we can't use that to find their neighbors. By 1840, these names were found in same districts (2 & 3) as the Davenport's, and who also came from PG, Brunswick, Lunenberg, or Surry, VA:

Brooks, Daniel, Moseley, Sadler, Sisco

These names of neighbors of the Davenport's in PG county are also found in Jackson Co, TN:

Rives/Reaves, Robertson, Sturdivant

( Most common names in land deeds and court cases adjoining Davenport's were Draper, Dycus, Carver, Ray, Huffines, Forkum, but they all came from other places in VA and NC) Wood, Long, Russell...

Significant land deeds perhaps linked with the Davenports

Compare our Davenport's earliest land patents:

(24/488/11164) Henry Davenport...5 acs on War Trace Cr.. incl small improvement made by him & the forks of Teal's branch. 31 July 1813.

(24/488/11165) Henry Davenport .. 5 acs .. Teal's branch .. to incl house and improvement whereon said Davenport now lives. 31 July 1813.

(30/252/16130) Joseph Davenport .. 10 acs .. west fork of War Trace Cr .. above where Ralston Ray now lives .. 30 Nov 1815.

(31/237/20159) Charles Devenport .. one ac .. branch of War Trace .. to incl where sd Devenport now lives .. 10 Aug 1818.

, to others, here ordered chronologically:

(3118 in 1st Surveyor's District of TN, pg 137) 7 Mar 1809 Isaac Moore 640 ac's Jackson Co, TN North side of Cumberland River begins at Samuel "Paker's" NW corner on Wartrace Creek N to Moore's line and E along Parker's and Moore's line.  Edwin S Moore locator...made void 29 Jan 1812 by Alfred Moore "or dene" of Isaac Moore.

Joshua PYRON 5 acs on Wartrace Cr 18 July 1812 & another on 31 Oct 1812. [b~1770 Orange Co, NC m.Susannah Kerns in Caswell Co, NC]

John C McLEMORE and James VAULX on Wartrace Cr 24 Oct 1812 [believe this is John Christmas McLemore b.1790 Orange Co, NC]

(28/286/10440) 1813 Mar 23 John MARTIN 60 acres, Flynn's Creek, east bank of said creek about 1/4 mile above Wm. THOMPSON'S mill on said creek, west then south, to include a small improvement . [a John Martin married Sydney Whitley 1804 in Washington Co, VA.]

(28/325/10583) John PAYNE 10 acres head of Horse Hollow of Dry Fork of Flynn's Creek, near said PAYNE'S house, to include said PAYNE'S improvement; James VINSON, Loc. [James Payne b.1809 VA s/o Benjamin Payne and Polly Martin from Orange Co, VA was probably related.]

(28/ 458/11062,3,4) 13 July 1813 Francis MOORE, Samuel MOORE, and James CORNELIUS several acs at head of Ray's Branch of War Trace Cr

(28/485/11155,6,7) 20,29 July 1813 David YOUNG several acs along Indian Cr [David s/o of William Young and Elizabeth Huff from Essex Co, VA]

(28/46/11158) John D BROOKS..30 acs...on Doe Cr...30 July 1813 [best guess, this is John Dimmaux BROOKS from Chatham Co, NC]

==> 31 July 1813 Henry Davenport

Samuel CUNNINGHAM 10 acs on Wartrace Cr 7 Dec 1813 [b.1791 Augusta Co, VA; m.1810 Peggy Ray from Orange Co, NC. Moved to NC then TN]

James YOUNG 10 acs on Wartrace Cr 29 Dec 1813 [James s/o of William Young and Elizabeth Holland from SC, married Elizabeth Draper]

Robert WHITE 18 acs on Wartrace Cr 19 Apr 1814 [b.VA , grew up in Granville Co, NC, s/o William White and Bethia Lyne]

[ Delinquent tax list: Thomas TURNER owned 200 acs on War Trace Creek in 1814 – Ansearchin News Fall 1996 . Guessing this is father of John S Turner b.1800 and Benjamin Turner. These names found in Turner family from Bedford/Franklin/Henry, VA]

(30/206/15823) 13 Oct 1815 Elijah PRICE on branch of Flynn's Creek adjoining tract on which Uriah ANDERSON now lives to include improvement made by Robert PRICE where the widow PRICE now lives; Elijah PRICE, Loc. [ Elijah married Milly Jane Anderson b.1790 in Bedford Co, VA.]

==> 30 Nov 1815 Joseph Davenport

(30/256/16159) Caleb ANDERSON...20 acres...dry fork of Flynn's Creek adj. Uriah Anderson 5 Dec 1815 Joshua Clackston, Loc. [note: Caleb married Nancy Wheeler, both from Bedford Co, VA, Nancy of the same Wheeler's who married Davenport's]

James McKINNIS.. 10 acres.. War Trace Cr... Thomas CASSITY'S northeast corner... 8 Jan. 1816 [prob. James McKinnis b.1777 Scotland, moved to Smith Co, TN]

(30/287/16381) 10 Jan 1816 Uriah ANDERSON 100 acres, waters of Flynn's Creek adjoining John MARTIN's 60 acre entry on STOTHART'S west boundary [“Paxton Anderson” next to Caleb in the 1820 census; not sure how Uriah is connected,because Caleb is s/o Charles Anderson and Catherine Carroll of Bedford Co, VA]

Cornelius CARVER on Wartrace Cr 2 Apr 1816 [b1795 Person Co, NC; m. Naomi Ray]

Robert DAVIS & Cad W DAVIS on Wartrace Cr 16 Apr 1816 [Robert b.NC s/o John Davis and Elizabeth Pedigo]

Allan HOLLADAY next to James BELLOW on War Trace Cr [early settler in 1806 petition, came from Bedford Co, VA]

(31/201/19867) Thomas SHUTE...200 acres...on War Trace Cr...15 May 1818. [ Samuel Shute Holliman of Smith County?]

==> 10 Aug 1818 Charles Davenport

(31/237/20163) Samuel G SMITH...20 acres...dry fork of Martin's Cr...adj Samson Williams 10 Aug 1818 J.W.Smith loc. [ This grant on the same day that Charles Davenport bought his! Samuel was on the first town council of Gainesboro and served as city clerk. Granville located at junction of Martin's Creek and Cumberland River. Col. James W Smith also lived there at postoffice Beech Hill and was his father; both from NC]

Joseph SHAW several plots along Martin's Cr... 1818 [s/o Samuel Shaw from MD->Orange Co, NC]

“John J. Robinson” aka “John Robertson” (above) purchased land on Wartrace Creek between the Young's and Davenport's.

Early land deeds from “Building Neighborhoods” by Betty Huff Bryant.

Note: There were Davenport's in early Orange Co, NC – descendants of PG George Davenport, Jr of Amelia Co, VA who had moved to Lincoln Co, NC. In 1810 census, an “E Davenport” in Hillsborough, Orange Co, NC has 4 sons matching ages of the 4 Davenport brothers.

Connection to Thomas C Davenport b.1823 KY

Possible parents #1

Matthew Deavenport is a PG Davenport who moved to Giles Co, TN about 1816. Another PG Davenport moved from Charlotte Co, VA to Giles Co, TN, and was undoubtedly related to Matthew but they did not spell their name "Deavenport". He was James Davenport b.1793. It's likely his brother was Thomas Davenport b.1788 who married Charlotte Cox.  Thomas and Charlotte were still in Charlotte Co, VA in 1850 census. They were probably brothers because they married sisters.  They're both mentioned in the James River Davenport Search:

"31Dec1817 - MARRIAGE BOND: James Davenport to Nancy Cox, who signs own consent. Bryan Lester, security. Wit: Charlotte Cox. (Charlotte County, VA, Marriages)"
"27Feb1822 - - MARRIAGE BOND: Thomas Davenport to Charlotte Cox, daughter of Rebecca Cox, who consents. James Davenport, security. Wit: Richard L. Smithson. (Charlotte County, VA, Marriages)

Thomas and James, not having been identified, could have been sons of Matthew and Daniel left behind when the sires moved or died, hence remain as possible Prince Ge[orge Davenports]" [JRD]

Could the "C" in "Thomas C Davenport" stand for “Cox”? Son Thomas C Davenport, Jr's middle name also unknown. Note that Thomas Davenport and Charlotte Cox married in 1822 one year before your Thomas C Davenport was born.

Charlotte and Nancy Cox were daughters of Rebecca Cox, daughter of William Johnston and Rosanna Hicklen, and Thomas Bouldin Cox.   Matthew Deavenport married Sally "Polly" Johnston, but I can find no connection between these Johnston's.

James Davenport and Nancy Cox have moved to Giles Co, TN by 1850 and have "T D" b.1821 VA and Nancy b.1827 TN.   ("T D" is probably "Thomas Daniel" like Matthew Deavenport's son). James and Nancy are still in Giles Co, TN in 1860, except he's aged faster - says 1788 now - and say they are "Deavenport's".  Their son "Thomas D Deavenport" b.1820 VA is still in Giles 1860 too.   This is definitely NOT Thomas b.1799 s/o Matthew or his son Thomas Daniel Deavenport, Jr. b.1838 TN.   He is also a physician. Thomas Deavenport 1820-1904.

Most references to Thomas C Davenport say he was born in Kentucky, but his children report conflicting birth states for their father (Sallie said Virginia, for instance). Could Thomas and Charlotte Davenport have been in KY? James is in Charlotte Co, VA 1830 – but there is no trace of Thomas, and instead several Thomas Davenport's head of households are found in KY 1830.  Maybe they went to KY briefly and came back? 2 Thomas Davenport's in 1830 Census are still there in 1840, and the third is well-known and not ours.

Thomas is back in Charlotte Co, VA in 1840, and see there is a son of the right age in the household:


Thomas Davenport

Home in 1840 (City, County, State):

Charlotte, Virginia

Free White Persons - Males - 5 thru 9:

2 Henry, William

Free White Persons - Males - 15 thru 19:

1 Thomas???

Free White Persons - Males - 50 thru 59:

1 Thomas

Free White Persons - Females - 10 thru 14:

1 Jane

Free White Persons - Females - 15 thru 19:

1 ?

Free White Persons - Females - 30 thru 39:

1 ?

Free White Persons - Females - 40 thru 49:

1  Charlotte

Thomas was born 1790 (in Prince George Co, VA according to 1850 census).  He lives with daughter Jane Rawles in Lunenberg Co, VA in 1870.   Apparently, researchers prefer "Ralls" - she married Luther Nathaniel Ralls.

Another coincidence is that Thomas Davenport's wife Malinda Hooker came from the Hooker's in Giles Co, TN before, and James being there connects the two. We can imagine young Thomas C Davenport visiting his Uncle Jim in Giles County, and there meeting Malinda.

Thomas and Charlotte family stays in Charlotte Co, VA and I see a Jane, Henry, William in 1850. Note: 1850 Census Thomas “Devanpact” clearly says he was born in Prince George, and Charlotte was born in Charlotte Co., but miss-transcribed like this:

1850 United States Federal Census about Thomas Devanpact
Name: 	Thomas Devanpact
Age: 	52
Birth Year: 	abt 1818
Birthplace: 	Prince Edward Island
Home in 1850: 	Charlotte, Charlotte, Virginia
Gender: 	Male
Family Number: 	478
Household Members: 	
Name 	Age
Thomas Devanpact 	52
Charlotte I Devanpact 	52
Jane D Devanpact 	22
Hay S Devanpact 	16
OCR fails miserably for this one, which could be why no one has noticed it before. Clearly says Charlotte J Devenport and Thomas Devenport , both age 52.   The especially interesting name though is Thomas son - Henry!  At last, a Henry among the Prince George Davenports, which makes me more comfortable about my own ancestor Henry Davenport of Jackson Co, TN being related to them. Note the age is much younger than other records.
1860 United States Federal Census about Thos Devonport
Name: 	Thos Devanport
Age in 1860: 	70
Birth Year: 	abt 1790
Birthplace: 	Virginia
Home in 1860: 	Charlotte, Virginia
Gender: 	Male
Post Office: 	Keysville
Value of real estate: 	View image
Household Members: 	
Name 	Age
Thos Devonport 	70
Charlotte S Devonport 	68
Wm D Devonport 	28
Thos W Smith 	55

Note the Post Office? There is a reference to “the Davenport place” in Keysville.

1870 United States Federal Census about Thomas Davenport
Name: 	Thomas Davenport
Age in 1870: 	80
Birth Year: 	abt 1790
Birthplace: 	Virginia
Home in 1870: 	Rehoboth, Lunenburg, Virginia
Race: 	White
Gender: 	Male
Post Office: 	Rehoboth
Value of real estate: 	View image
Household Members: 	
Name 	Age
Jane D Ralls 	42
Chalres T Ralls 	18
Ada B Ralls 	16
Cora D Ralls 	13
Gracy L Ralls 	8
Thomas Davenport 	80

It is still possible Thomas and James were sons of Matthew by an earlier marriage.  Matthew married Sally Johnston in 1794. However, we have 2 transcriptions of Thomas' death certificate saying his father was Daniel.

Virginia, Deaths and Burials Index, 1853-1917 about Thomas Davenport
Name: 	Thomas Davenport
Birth Date: 	abt 1788
Death Date: 	30 Sep 1870
Death Place: 	Rehoboth, Lunenburg, Virginia
Death Age: 	82
Gender: 	Male
Father Name: 	Daniel Davenport
Mother Name: 	Nancy Davenport
FHL Film Number: 	2048576

Virginia, Deaths and Burials Index, 1853-1917 about Thomas Davenport
Name: 	Thomas Davenport
Birth Date: 	abt 1788
Birth Place: 	King William
Death Date: 	30 Sep 1870
Death Place: 	Lunenburg County, Virginia
Death Age: 	82
Occupation: 	Taylor/Tanner
Race: 	White
Marital Status: 	Single
Gender: 	Male
Father Name: 	Daniel
Mother Name: 	Amy
FHL Film Number: 	32422

Additional Notes

This seems to link the Cox/Davenports with the Davenport/Ledbetters.

Virginia, Deaths and Burials Index, 1853-1917 about Maria Ledbetter
Name:     Maria Ledbetter
[Maria Cox]
Birth Date:     abt 1810
Birth Place:     Lunenburg
Death Date:     6 May 1862
Death Place:     Charlotte County, Virginia
Death Age:     52
Race:     White
Marital Status:     Married
Gender:     Female
Father Name:     John Cox
Mother Name:     Lucy Cox
Spouse Name:     R.L Ledbetter
FHL Film Number:     2056977
(R L Ledbetter is in Charlotte Co, VA 1860:
R L Ledbetter            70
Maria Ledbetter         52
Mary J Ledbetter        30
Elvira E Ledbetter      18 )
Richard L Ledbetter     54
Mariah Ledbetter        35
Elvira E Ledbetter      5
Mary J Ledbetter        25

===> as best I can find, this is Richard grandson of Drury Ledbetter
b.1734 Prince George Co, VA.

Don't know if this is same Ledbetter, but closest match:
Virginia Marriages, 1740-1850 about Mariah Cox
Groom Name:     Edward Ledbetter
Bride Name:     Mariah Cox
Marriage Date:     1 Nov 1843
County:     Charlotte
State:     Virginia
Thomas Cox and Rebecca Johnston family is well known - , and includes Charlotte who married Thomas Davenport and Nancy who married James Davenport. Includes a John Cox too, but records I found show only a marriage to someone else in 1814.

Possible parents #2

Thomas C Davenport was born much more recently, ~1823, than the other DNA matching lines, and therefore, could simply be a lost son from one of these lines. In particular, Kay's ancestor Charles b.~1794 seems to have a son at that time, but who has not been identified since:

Charles Davenport's household in 1830:


Charles Devenport

Home in 1830 (City, County, State):

Jackson, Tennessee

Free White Persons - Males - Under 5:


Free White Persons - Males - 30 thru 39:


Free White Persons - Females - Under 5:


Free White Persons - Females - 5 thru 9:


Free White Persons - Females - 10 thru 14:


Free White Persons - Females - 30 thru 39:


Free White Persons - Under 20:


Free White Persons - 20 thru 49:


Total Free White Persons:


Total - All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored):


Kay Davenport has established that her ancestor, Joseph Davenport, was born after 1830, so the 5 year old here is another son. This does not account for a birthplace in KY or VA, and seems a stretch that he would end up in GA or LA in his early 20's to meet Malinda Hooker.

Possible parents #3

John Davenport b.1767 Bedford had a son named John b.1794 who is said to have gone to Union, GA, but no more record of him has been found. Kato Lee Davenport's older brothers related “that Thomas came to Louisiana from Georgia” where he met his wife, Malinda Hooker.

Alternative Scenario by Dr. John Scott Davenport

JSD believed the paper trail for John Davenport b.1767 in Bedford Co, VA is solid; and places him as son of Glover Davenport and Ann. Glover died about 1785 in Bedford or Franklin Co, VA. Evidence linking Glover to the Pamunkey Davenports is entirely circumstantial, but at least one person claims to descend from Glover and does match Pamunkey Davenport DNA. JSD says John must represent a Non-Paternal Event (not the biological son of Glover). Curiously, John is just old enough to have been father of the Four Brothers in Jackson Co, TN. He could have married someone else (a Ledbetter?) before marrying Lucy Hall 12Dec1791. This fits if Charles were James twin, both being born early in 1791 and their mother dying in childbirth (twins in our Davenports are not uncommon). Possible supporting facts follow.

The English naming convention provides no consistent indicator among the Four Brothers or their offspring to name their parents:

    1st Son -------------------------- Father's Father
    2nd Son ------------------------- Mother's Father
    3rd Son ---------------------------------- Father
    4th Son ------------------ Father's Eldest Brother
    1st Daughter --------------------- Mother's Mother
    2nd Daughter --------------------- Father's Mother
    3rd Daughter ------------------------------ Mother
    4th Daughter --------------- Mother's Eldest Sister

    Applied to our Davenport's:

  1. Joseph, Henry, James, Charles

  2. Joseph had sons Orville J, Adrian, Montraville, Rodolphus
    Henry had sons Joseph, Andrew, John, Henry
    James had only John
    Charles had sons Unknown, Joseph, maybe Charles.

Perhaps Orville J is Orville Joseph, and the Four Brothers father could then be Joseph. Glover and Ann also had another son:

A6c. JOSEPH DAVENPORT, b. c1750, Louisa County; m. NANCY ------, ?; d .? (Last found in Washington County, Virginia, in 1790s, believed to have moved to Tennessee.) [...only known child Mourning Davenport b.1778 who married Isaac Smith 13Oct1795 Bedford..][PDC]

Quite suspicious to see a connection to Washington Co, VA and “moved to Tennessee”! The only known association between Pamunkey Davenports and the Four Brothers is that of Lilburn Hendricks Davenport of Washington Co, VA who moved to De Kalb Co, AL becoming a close friend of Joseph Davenport's family there. There was also a Rodolphus Davenport (Pamunkey) in Washington Co, VA.

I looked for Ledbetter's in Bedford Co, VA at the time John and Joseph Davenport were there. The family of Joseph Ledbetter and Ann Woodlief moved there early on where Lurany and Nancy were born about 1770. Records however say Lurany married William Campbell 1799 in Bedford Co, and Nancy married Lewis Robinson 15Sep1800 in Campbell Co., VA.

I also looked for Ballard's in Bedford County. Ballard's are our most common Y-DNA matches and these matches ancestors lived in VA and NC. The Y-DNA suggest that John or Joseph Davenport could have been sons of a Ballard; except at a “Genetic Distance” of 5+/67 , that is unlikely. It is a little disturbing to see that Glover had a nephew “Ballard Davenport”...


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