Orton, Abiram

Birth Name Orton, Abiram
Gender male
Age at Death 60 years, 2 months, 15 days



"p. 161, Abiram Orton of town of Arkwright, Chautauqua County, New York, died 16 Mar 1837 at town of Arkwright, signed 17 Oct 1836, recorded 15 Jun 1837, court 7 Aug 1837."

"Money, livestock, and income from land, including land deeded by Levi Clough and Betsey his wife to my wife Susan Orton during her widowhood. Remainder of personal property to sister Lilly Danforth, wife of Daniel Danforth of Lafayette, Onondaga County, for taking care of my mother. Money to Benjamin Griswold. Remainder to be divided among these 5: Charles Jackson Orton, Benjamin Griswold, Thomas Orton son of my late brother Thomas Orton, Thomas Orton son of brother James P. Orton, Abiram Orton son of Thomas and Hannah Orton and grandson of my brother Philo Orton. If my wife has a child after my death, then this will is void.

Executor: Charles Jackson Orton
Witnesses: Ephraim Harrington, Harriet Harrington, both of Arkwright"


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1777 Oneida Co, NY    
Death 1837-03-16 Arkwright, Chautauqua, NY    


Family of Orton, Abiram and Harrington, Susan H?

Married Wife Harrington, Susan H? ( * 1809 + 1893-01-16 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage after 1832      

If they married right after Sarah's death, Susan would have been 22 and Abiram 55!

Family of Orton, Abiram and Hinman, Sarah Ann

Married Wife Hinman, Sarah Ann ( * 1782 + 1832-03-05 )

Orton, Abram, Mar.16,l837, ae 60—7—28
Sarah Ann, his w. Mar.5,1832, ae 50.


    1. Orton, Abiram
      1. Harrington, Susan H?
      2. Hinman, Sarah Ann