Thomas, Mary

Birth Name Thomas, Mary
Also Known As Thompson

    will see Thompson in some references, but probably not accurate. Emmeline's death cert says mother was Mary Thomas.

Gender female
Age at Death 61 years, 4 months, 17 days


Could have been daughter of William and Deborah Thomas of Franklin Co, VA. They were known to move early (1803) to Smith Co, TN. "William Thomas, Sr" was neighbor of Joseph Davenport in land register of Smith County (West fork of Warcreek Trace Creeek) 15 Dec 1815. Note their daughter Sarah Thomas married Thomas Cassetty there and had daughter Hannah Cassetty who married Henry Davenport, Joseph's brother. Might also be Sarah Thomas' cousin, because William Thomas had a brother David who also came to Jackson Co, TN ~1804 and died about the same time as William (early 1820's).

Mary's daughter Emeline named a son "William Marion Cassidy Holleman". William and Deborah Thomas' daughter Sarah married Thomas Cassetty, so it seems likely there was another connection.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1788-03-31 Franklin, VA   1
Event Note

from surviving children in 1880, parents place of birth.

Nashville Christian Advocate says born Mar. 31, 1788 in Franklin Co, VA

Death 1849-08-17 De Kalb, AL NCA says she died Aug 6 1849 1a


Family of Davenport, Joseph and Thomas, Mary

Married Husband Davenport, Joseph ( * 1789-06-02 + 1876-01-22 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1812-04-16 Augusta Co, VA    
Event Note

Augusta or Franklin Co. - just guessing from: (search on

"Colonel JOSEPH DAVENPORT born in Va., June 2, 1789; died Dekalb Co., Ala. Jan. 22, 1876; md Mary Thomas, Apr. 16, 1812 and had 8 children, 4 of whom died young; md Barbara Stallins, Oct. 1, 1860; veteran of War of 1812."

"MARY DAVENPORT born Franklin Co., Va., Mar. 31, 1788; married Joseph Davenport, April 12, 1812; died August 6, 1849."


No original reference found for marriage in Augusta Co, VA, and I think it more likely they were married in Jackson Co, TN. The Thomas's arrived there in 1804 but the Davenport's probably did not arrive until after 1810. Marriage performed by Rev Richard Johnson of Sumner Co, TN.
Captain Robert Rodolphus Davenport was born in Jackson Co., Tenn. on August 8, 1823. Capt. Davenport was the son of Joseph Davenport, a veteran of The War of 1812 who was born in Virginia on June 2, 1789, and Mary Thomas Davenport. There were 7 children in this family, and in about 1839 all 7 brought their families as a group to Little Wills and Big Wills valleys (later known as Valley Head) where they settled on farms. Valley Head became an early trading center for the area. The first general store was operated by Robert Rodolphus Davenport. Robert R. Davenport married Margaret Annie Spring, who was born Dec. 21, 1826 in Pikeville, Tenn. She died Sept. 4, 1904. They had ten children.

Robert Rodolphus Davenport's father, Joseph Davenport, also known as Colonel Joe, and Mary Thomas
Davenport had seven children:

1) Montraville Davenport was a Major who headed his own Cavalry Brigade, fought under Gen. Nathan B.
Forrest and was with the General when he surrendered at Selma, Alabama in 1865. He, in turn, had 2 sons who also fought in the Civil War:
1) Thaddeus Davenport
2) Glen Davenport
. Montraville died in Arkansas where he went to get away from the Southern Yankees.
2) Orville Davenport married Mary Grant (a distant relative of President U.S. Grant, a fact no one in the family was proud of). Orville and Mary had 13 children, 4 of whom fought in the Civil War:
1) Joe Davenport fought in Virginia
2) Frank Davenport fought in Tennessee
3) Cicero Davenport, who fought in his Uncle Montraville's Cavalry Brigade
4) Taylor Davenport, who also fought in the same Montraville's Cavalry Brigade

After Mary's death, Orville then married a Miss Almon and they had 4 more children.
3) Belcher Davenport fought in Capt. R.R. Davenport's Brigade and was killed in action.
4) Adrian Davenport was born handicapped and did not serve.
5) Adeline Davenport married David Springs, who was an officer in Capt. R.R. Davenport's Brigade under Gen. Nathan B. Forrest.
6) Emeline Davenport married a Mr. Holliman. They sent 3 sons to war:
1) Tom Davenport [sic] - wouldn't these be Holliman's?
2) Bill Davenport
3) Rozz Davenport.

7) Eveline Davenport married a Mr. Clayton.[sic: incorrect - she married Samuel Moore]

and see

Note: His brother Henry married Hannah Cassetty, daughter of Thomas Cassetty and Sarah Thomas (Augusta Co, VA->Franklin Co, VA) (see )
If Mary Thomas and Sarah Thomas are kin, the brothers probably came from there.

home in 1820: Jackson Co, TN
home in 1830: Smith Co, TN (prob same area down War Trace Creek)
==> bought land in Smith Co, TN Jan 10, 1834; Smith Co, TN Tax List of 1837
home in 1840: De Kalb Co, AL

The origin of the strange names of Joseph and Mary's children is unknown, however I think it likely that they were based on fictional characters in the popular books of the period, eg,
1) Belcour and Montraville are brother protagonists in Susanna Rowson's "Charlotte Temple"
2) Emmeline and Adaline are in Charlotte Smith's "Emmeline"

Name Birth Date Death Date
Davenport, Emmeline1813-01-281896-11-10
Davenport, Orville John1815-01-281875-05-01
Davenport, Adrian1816-07-171847-05-01
Davenport, Carrol1820-01-231820-03-22
Davenport, Montraville1821-05-041890-11-17
Davenport, Robert Rodolphus1823-08-231870-09-18
Davenport, Belcour Lewis?1827-02-261864-02-01
Davenport, Evaline Catherine1830-04-061916-03-04
Davenport, Adaline Ledbetter1834-02-181912-08-08

Source References

  1. Nashville Christian Advocate
      • Source Reference Note:

        MARY DAVENPORT born Franklin Co., Va., Mar. 31, 1788; married Joseph Davenport, April 12, 1812; died August 6, 1849.