Coleman, Curtis

Birth Name Coleman, Curtis
Gender male


Family of Coleman, Curtis and McRoberts, Mary Camille

Married Wife McRoberts, Mary Camille ( * 1903-07-01 + 1968-01-08 )

note by Greg Bender:
Children of Curtis and Mary McRoberts Coleman:
Clara C. b. 1928 [Bender]
Marcelline L. b. ? [ Lahne]
Macel J. b. ? [ Bowen]
Phyllis A. b. ? [Hubbard]
Mary M. b. ? [Hillyard]
Donald Willis deceased
Ronald M.
darrell E.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Coleman, Donald Willis
Coleman, [Living]
Coleman, [Living]
Coleman, [Living]
Coleman, Clara Christine1928-04-252005-02-19
Coleman, Marcellene Lee1929-09-151997-01-07
Coleman, Macel Jeanette1931-07-052003-04-23
Coleman, Ronald1937-07-021999-08-04