Shepard, Emma Luella

Birth Name Shepard, Emma Luella
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1869-12-00 Wisconsin, USA    


Family of Smith, Dar James and Shepard, Emma Luella

Married Husband Smith, Dar James ( * 1872-09-03 + 1946-06-06 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1895-01-01 Burwell, Garfield, NE    

family from LDS submission.

note father from wisconsin, mother from vermont

Home in 1900: Calamus, Garfield, Nebraska
In 1910, Dar Smith is MIA, and Emma has married William C Austin 1907, mother of 1 (now none) living with his family in:
Home in 1910: Florence Ward 2, Codington, South Dakota
??? Home in 1920: Spruce Grove, Beltrami, Minnesota ("hired hand" with "Emma Austin")
??? Home in 1930: Township 16, Dewey, South Dakota ("boarder" with "Emma Austin"?)


    1. Shepard, Emma Luella
      1. Smith, Dar James