Meador, Ambrose

Birth Name Meador, Ambrose
Gender male
Age at Death about 90 years


Not much is found in the records about Ambrose Meador, his wife (Name Unknown), and servant arrived in Virginia in late May of 1636. It is presumed that his son Thomas arrived on the same ship, however Thomas would have been an adult and possibly married at that time.

Ambrose traded 150 acres of his Headright Property to Peter Johnson on June 1, 1636 for the passages of his wife and slaves. That was a very common practice at the time of the colonization of the New World.

A Headright was 160 Acres, and was granted to the Head-of-House upon arrival to the New World. They had to work the land and make it productive for 15 years before they could "Patent" the land. Their names were kept on a "Rent" Rooster until the end of the 15 year period. If they bargained for more than one Headright, then they served 15 years for each and they had to be served one after the other. They could not be served consecutively. All the land was held until the end of all the 15 year periods.

Ambrose designated his son, Thomas, as his "True and Lawful Attorney" in his "Place and Stead" to appear for him in court. Ambrose purchased 1,000 acres from a Mr. James Williamson and awarded Thomas 300 acres of this as payment for his work.

It is assumed that Ambrose was Illiterate because he used a large "M" as his mark for all legal purposes. Thomas apparently was literate as it is recorded on legal documents that he signed his own name.

Thomas signed over 150 of the 300 acres, awarded to him by his father, to a Mr. Richard Tomlynson.

These land transactions took place between late 1657 and September 1658.

Tobacco Planter


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1580 Avon, England    
Death 1670 Rappahannock, VA    


Family of Meador, Ambrose

Name Birth Date Death Date
Meador, Thomas16121655-06-06


    1. Meador, Ambrose
        1. Meador, Thomas