Lafon, William Lester

Birth Name Lafon, William Lester
Gender male


Obtained from (Shirley) Cruella563 who lives in China Spring, Tx.
1880 Census Bosque County
1890 Census Burned
1900 Census Hill County, Tx
He was captured by the Confederate Army and tried as a Union Spy but was
released when it was discovered he was only 12 years old.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1846-07-00 Missouri, USA    


Family of Lafon, William Lester and New, Emma

Married Wife New, Emma ( * 1856-08-17 + 1928-08-07 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1874-12-03 Bosque County, Tx Marriage of LAFON, William Lester and NEW, Emma  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Lafon, Edward L.1876
Lafon, Lora M.1879
Lafon, Lillie Balthrop1883-04-191969-04-21
Lafon, William Ernest1885-01-001958
Lafon, Emma1886-09-00
Lafon, Vera1888-04-00
Lafon, Lillard1893-04-00
Lafon, Eugene1895-08-00