Eaton, Joseph

Birth Name Eaton, Joseph 1a
Gender male


Family of Eaton, Joseph and Boyd, unknown

Married Wife Boyd, unknown ( * + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Eaton, Aseneth1826-05-101868-06-15


    1. Eaton, Joseph
      1. Boyd, unknown
        1. Eaton, Aseneth

Source References

  1. Robert Critchlow Critchlow
      • Source text:

        Asenath Eaton was born 10 May 1826 in Lincoln Co., NC, and died 15 Jun 1868 in cornettsville Cem., IN. She was the daughter of Joseph Eaton and Boyd. She married Elijah Harrison Myers 6 Dec 1845 i n Daviess Co., IN