Webb, Thomas

Birth Name Webb, Thomas
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


The Deposition of Martha Webb aged 22ty years or there abouts Sworn and examined in Open Court the 22th day of March 1651 Saith. That when She lived with Capt William Mitchell at St Thomas or the white house in the year 1650 She this Deponent and Mrs Susan Warren who went by the name of Elizabeth Williams lodged together in the Same Chamber or roome there where the Sd Capt Mitchell lay and that She hath there Seen the Said Capt Mitchell and the Said Mrs Warren or Williams once in naked bed together in the bed where the Said Capt Mitchell usually lodged And that She at another time (Capt Mitchell bidding her goe out of the Room and Shutt the door) as She was goeing out heard him Call to the Said Mrs Wms to come to bed to him, And She this Deponent further deposeth that not long before the Said Capt Mitchell's goeing from hence to Holland he asked this Deponent whether She thought that Mrs Williams was with Child or not whereupon this Deponent answered She could not tell and further Saith not.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth between 1540 and 1575 Frittenden, England    


Family of Webb, Thomas

Event Date Place Description Sources
Name Birth Date Death Date
Webb, Margaretabout 1590


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    1. Webb, Thomas
        1. Webb, Margaret