Keyton, William C

Birth Name Keyton, William C
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1873 Missouri, USA    


Family of Keyton, William C and (Keyton), Melissie C

Married Wife (Keyton), Melissie C ( * 1877 + ... )

Family in Mount Washington, Jackson County, MO in 1910:
William C Keyton 37
Melissie C Keyton 33
Emily Keyton 13
Bertie B Keyton 12
William C Keyton Jr. 9
Alnoma Keyton 6
Naomi Keyton 1 11/12

Name Birth Date Death Date
Keyton, Alnoma M1904-04-181998-01-28
Keyton, Ruth Naomi1908-06-00