New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957

Author Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service; National Archives
Publication information The Generations Network, Inc., 2006


  1. Source Citation: Year: 1874; Arrival: New York , United States; Microfilm serial: M237; Microfilm roll: M237_393; Line: 7; List number: 922.
    1. Russia to US via Liverpool, England
      1. Kliewer, Henry H (Primary)
    2. Kliewer, Henry H
    1. Ireland to USA
      1. O'Driscoll, Helena (Primary)
    2. O'Driscoll, Helena
    1. Birth, Gage, Corene C
      1. Gage, Corene C (Primary)
    2. Gage, Corene C
    1. Ireland to USA
      1. O'Driscoll, Michael J (Primary)
    2. O'Driscoll, Michael J