This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Strickland. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Strickland, Ann 1711
Strickland, Edward 1596
Strickland, Elijah  
Strickland, Elizabeth 1668-06-21
Strickland, Elizabeth 1713
Strickland, Jacob about 1600
Strickland, Jacob Sr. 1705
Strickland, Jane 1716
Strickland, John 1618
Strickland, John 1669
Strickland, John about 1682
Strickland, John 1719
Strickland, Joseph 1671
Strickland, Joseph 1704
Strickland, Matthew 1627-02-20
Strickland, Matthew Jr. 1674
Strickland, Matthew III 1702
Strickland, Richard about 1630
Strickland, Richard between 1790 and 1800
Strickland, Roger about 1570
Strickland, Sampson Sr. 1708
Strickland, Samuel about 1678
Strickland, Sarah 1713
Strickland, Sir Walter de about 1500
Strickland, Thomas de about 1411
Strickland, Walter de about 1460
Strickland, Walter de 1516-04-05
Strickland, William 1665
Strickland, William 1706
Strickland, William (or Edward) de 1550
Strickland, William de before 1530
Strickland, [Living]  
Strickland, [Living]  
Strickland, [Living]