The Ultimate Survival Keychain

Woops! I decided I really had 2 separate functions going on - especially as the weight and size got ridiculous. So I have separated out the components I would use only in an Urban Survival scenario. Most of the time, tooling around Suburbia, I will just carry the Basic Survival Keychain. Still too much stuff, of course, but I'm just trying out different combinations for a while. Right now, for instance, these are split between Suburban, Urban, and Wilderness keychains.

Basic Survival Keychain

Altogether Peter Atwood's Titanium PryBaby CRKT K.I.S.S. Leatherman Squirt (Radioshack version) Fisher Stowaway Pen leather-wrapped mini-Bic lighter BMW keys RadDetect PRD 1250 Benchmade Rescue-Hook HighGear Whistle/Compass Princeton Tec II LED Light Buck 754 NRG Knife/Bottle Opener

Urban Survival Keychain


Not Pictured

The electronic fobs are on a separate keychain - remotes, WiFi Finder, RadDetect, Flash Memory, etc. I hope to add other kinds of sensors (chemical, EM) to this keychain.

Not on a Keychain