Should the plebeians be allowed to know their own genes?

The FDA injunctions against 23andMe informing their customers of their own health traits is completely perverse. A study published in British Medical Journal, “Vitamin D Genes and Mortality”, (sadly locked behind a paywall) was mentioned in LEF magazine. They identified numerous genes that resulted in lower levels of Vitamin D and directly resulted in increased mortality. In a sample size of 95,766, increased risk of premature mortality was 30%! Taking a cheap vitamin D supplement would have completely eliminated this risk, if only they had known.

In this same issue (April 2015) of Life Extension Foundation magazine, the lead editorial proves that the FDA has killed more Americans with a single rule (fighting against public use of CoQ10) than have died in all wars combined. The FDA is absolutely the last bureaucracy we should be trusting to decide what information we are allowed to have.