Palantir Video Client


Palantir is a client-server streaming system designed to transmit live video, audio and data over a TCP/IP network, as well as to control remote devices. The project page located here contains the server code and pre-built clients for web-browsers and Windows-based PC's.

Sharp Zaurus Client

Click this link to download a package file that contains a version of the Palantir client specifically for a Sharp Zaurus 5500 PDA.

The screen listed below shows a screenshot of the system in operation.

How To Install and Run

  1. After you download the Zaurus client listed above, install it using the desktop synchronization software.
  2. Download the server code and follow the instructions.
  3. Start the server.
  4. Start the client and specify the address of the server machine.
  5. Press the Start button to begin the audio/video feed.