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Qtopia - QCop Messages

QCop messages allow applications to communicate with each other. These messages are sent using QCopEnvelope, and received by connecting to a QCopChannel.

The channelname of channels within Qtopia all start with "QPE/". The messagename is a function identifier followed by a list of types in parentheses. There is no whitespace in the message name.

The variable names shown in this documentation are purely for information purposes. A message shown as messageName(Type1 varname1, Type2 varname2, Type2 varname3) would be used in program code as:

   QCopEnvelope e(channelname, "messageName(Type1,Type2,Type2)");
   e << parameter1 << parameter2 << parameter3;

The System-wide Channels and Messages.






This channel allows Qt applications (not just Qtopia applications) to show system-tray status in a cross-platform manner, but it is not currently supported. See TaskbarAppletInterface for a more powerful alternative for system tray applications.

The Application Channel

Each application listens on a channel called QPE/Application/appname, where appname is the executable name (the application identifier). Standard messages on this channel are:


The QPE/Application/appname channel has a special property: when messages are sent to these channels via QCopEnvelope, the message is delivered even if the application is not yet running (the application is run and the message is then sent).

Application-specific Channels

Applications also respond to messages specific to the application. Such messages in the base Qtopia applications are:



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