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INI SipPhone: Binaries


For an x86 Linux machine:

(If your distribution does not come with Qtopia, install Qtopia GPL SDK (Linux 386) from Trolltech (RPM is here)).

Here are the application executables: sipPhone (1,247KB), audio (188KB).

For the Zaurus: sipPhone (1,927KB), audio (880KB)

Sample configuration files are provided for sip.cfg, app_config.cfg, content_type.cfg and content_encoding.cfg. Only the first one is absolutely necessary.

All the above files should be placed in the same directory, which could be any directory in the case of an x86 machine. Please consult this README file for further information regarding setup and execution.

If you want to create an icon for the Zaurus, a sample SipPhone.desktop file is here; copy it to the PDA's /home/QtPalmtop/apps/Applications directory. Then create a symbolic link from the directory where the binaries are placed to the actual executable which should be placed (along with the configuration files and the audio executable) in the home directory:

ln -s /home/root/sipPhone /home/QtPalmtop/bin/sipPhone