Davenport, Henry 1a

Birth Name Davenport, Henry
Also Known As Devenport, Henry 2
Gender male
Age at Death 56 years, 18 days


Joan E. Rambo <KinKatcher@aol.com>:
"Now, from research I did previously, I do believe this Joseph is the son of Henry Davenport and Hannah Cassetty/Cassitty. On this same page are Cassity's, and Simpson/Sampson is a family name in her line.
Henry and Hannah came from VA to TN and are among early settlers for Jackson Co, TN. Unfortunately, Jackson Co, TN is a "burned" county. Courthouse had a fire! From what I could piece together looks like there may have been four brothers, James, Henry, Joseph and Charles that came from VA early into Jackson Co, TN. And, they mostly owned land on War Trace Creek. My husband's ancestor lived on Flynn's Lick on the 1860 census, but probably because his wife's Wheeler family were all there. War Trace and Flynn's Lick almost line up and shoot off across from each other in opposite directions from the Cumberland River. So you might say they were just up the holler a bit from each other. "

Hannah's parents were Thomas Cassetty and Sarah Thomas, married in Franklin Co, VA. Cassetty gets spelled many different ways, also Davenport, Davinport, Devenport, Debenport, Debinfort, etc.

From Kyle Davenport research:
There appear to have been 4 brothers that arrived 1813-1818 (based on land sales). My best guess for their birthdates are:
Joseph: 1789
Henry: 1790
James: 1791
Charles: 1790-1794
(Only Joseph and James made it to the 1850 Census)

land sale reference here -
"Building Neighborhoods, Jackson County, Tennessee, Prior to 1820" by Betty Huff Bryant
"Page 121 28 488 11164 Henry DAVENPORT .. 5 acs .. on War Trace Cr .. to incl small improvement made by said Davenport & the forks of Teal's branch. 31 July 1813" and
"Page 121 28 488 11165 Henry DAVENPORT .. 5 acs ..Teal's branch .. to incl house and improvement whereon said Davenport now lives. 31 July 1813."

Joseph Devenport, thru pension application, is definitely known to have served in the TN militia in the War of 1812. Service records show a Charles and Henry Devenport also served, and I find no other Charles and Henry in early TN who that might have been. Joseph served from Nov 13, 1814 to May 13, 1815 and fought in the Battle of New Orleans, so I expect the same for Charles. Henry enlisted instead in Battalion 3 (Woodfolk's) and probably saw no action:
<a href="http://state.tn.us/tsla/history/military/1812reg.htm">Regiment History War of 1812</a>
"Major William Woodfolk's Separate Battalion of West Tennessee Militia were enrolled from September 1814 to April 1815. They were mostly from Jackson, Wilson, Overton, Stewart, and Williamson Counties.
Captains of companies in the regiment were Abraham Dudney, William McCulley, James C. Neill, Abner Pearce, Ezekiel Bass, John Sutton, and James Turner.
They were based at Fort Jackson (Alabama) most of the time, but some men were at Fort Decatur, and Abner Pearce's company was at Fort Montgomery...Woodfolk was a wealthy land speculator who owned a large plantation in Jackson County. He served in the state legislature and was also a justice of the peace in Jackson County."

Smith Co, TN Court Minutes 1813-1815
"Ordered that Henry Davenport be allowed the premium allowed by law for killing a grown wolf in the bounds of Smith County he having produced the scalp and satisfied this Court that he is entitled to the same."

An Elizabeth Davenport, next to them, shows up in 1830 (Census) who is in her 70's, presumably their mother.

Later land registries "North Carolina and Tennessee, Early Land Records, 1753-1931", database by ancestry.com
Aug 1 1826 #25053 Henry Davenport from Robert Searcy. 5 acres "in First District in Jackson County...along Wartrace Creek and including small improvements by said Davenport along the forks of Teels Branch...begining at a beech tree marked HD..." [ duplicate entry? ]
Aug 1 1826 #25054 ditto, except "...including the house improvement wherein said Davenport now lives..." [ duplicate entry? ]


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1790 Virginia, USA    
Event Note

estimate from ages on 1820-1840 Jackson Co, TN Census

Death 1846-01-19 Jackson, TN    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Davenport, Joseph or John?about 1750after 1810
Mother (Davenport), Elizabethbetween 1750 and 1760after 1830
    Brother     Davenport, Joseph 1789-06-02 1876-01-22
         Davenport, Henry 1790 1846-01-19
    Brother     Davenport, James 1791 after 1851
    Brother     Davenport, Charles about 1794 before 1850
    Sister     Davenport, daughter between 1795 and 1800


Family of Davenport, Henry and Cassetty, Hannah E

Married Wife Cassetty, Hannah E ( * about 1802 + after 1862 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1817   Marriage of Davenport, Henry and Cassetty, Hannah 2

Certificate Number: 302
Deceased Name: John Davenport
Date of Birth: 1835
Place of Birth: TN
Date of Death: 28 Jan 1921
Father: Henry Davenport
Place of Birth: TN
Mother: Haner E. Cassetty
Place of Birth: TN
Cemetery: Jackson County

from Jackson County Court Records -
Depositions taken: 21 April 1856.
Aged about 54 years.
"My husband, Henry Davenport, rented a piece of land from James G. Kirby on Salt Lick Creek about 21 or 22 years ago. The land was a part of the Pleasant Kirby tract. My husband was to build a house on the land for the rent of it and did build the house . . . This renting by my husband from James G. Kirby was before James G. was married . I think the year before he married the first time."

Hannah Davenport [her mark]
[kdd: James Green Kirby married Eliza Brown ~1837 ==> 1836? ]
from Jeff Davenport -
"Where this house currently sits now was a 2 story log house, this house had a fire place on the main floor, and it also had a fire place below the main floor what was then called a "Tattor Hole" now when the Civil war soldiers would come there the men would hide down below. It was known as the Graves Family place around 1913 /1914 but before then referring back to the Hannah Cassitty [who married Henry Davenport]...the Old Ray Place." [Tater as in Potato]
==> interesting account of early settler life in a neighboring county - http://ajlambert.com/denny/hst_lbtn.pdf

Unknown son born about 1820 based on 2 sons <10 in 1820 Census and 2 sons 15-20 in 1830 Census.

From a transcription of 1840 Jackson Co Census:
Henry Davenport 3 boys <6, 2 boys 10-15, 1 man 20-29, Henry 50-60, 1 girl <6, 1 girl 10-15, 1 woman 20-30.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Davenport, Nancy1817after 1880
Davenport, unknown sonbetween 1817 and 1820
Davenport, Joseph1818-12-251875-06-05
Davenport, Andrew Jackson1827before 1900
Davenport, Sarah1830after 1880
Davenport, Serena E.1833after 1880
Davenport, John18351921-01-28
Davenport, Marsilva1836prob after 1870
Davenport, Henry1838after 1850
Davenport, John?1840after 1850