Beebe, Alexander Shoemaker

Birth Name Beebe, Alexander Shoemaker
Gender male
Age at Death about 84 years


HISTORY: Genealogical and Family History of Central New York, by
William Richard Cutter, Page 464, Fiche 6051122-7

In above history is says there were two Norman knights, Richard and
William deBoebe. They belonged to the Royal Guard of William the Conqueror.
They were granted land in Warwickshire where the family later lived. There is a
Beebe crest borne by the Dilley Court. Various spellings of name- Beebe, Beby,
Beeby, Beeboe.

Alexander and Elizabeth had 7 children

!DEATH: Royal Decendant of Ursula Beebe, Item 14, FHL Film 0858778

In above reference death is listed as 1623

HISTORY: Royal decendant of Ursula Beebe, FHL Film 0858778

Name of Beebe runs in the time of Ramesee Second, about 3,000 years before
Christ. Some ancient family papers said to be in the Archvies of Aston Hall,
Warwickshire, England. See about Norman knights above. William the Conqueror
came to England at the time of the Conquest. Coat of Arms is a blue shield
with a golden chevron and three golden beehives, indicative of industry,
vigilance and persistency of purpose. Motto of this branch is "Fidele (faith)
Et (and) Brave" was granted to Sir John Beebe for distinguished gallantry at
the seige of Haffleur.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1540 Great Addington, Northampton, England    
Death 1624      


Family of Beebe, Alexander Shoemaker and , Elizabeth

Unknown Partner , Elizabeth ( * about 1544 + 1633 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Beebe, John Yoemanabout 15701638
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sealed_to_spouse 1962-09-07 ARIZO      
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baptism 1940-06-04        
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    1. Beebe, Alexander Shoemaker
      1. , Elizabeth
        1. Beebe, John Yoeman