Smith?, Francis

Birth Name Smith?, Francis
Gender female
Age at Death 30 years, 6 months


A Francis Weaver, 30 yrs old born in Ohio, appears in US Federal Census Mortality Schedule in 1860 Toledo, OH (July  1859).   Says she died in childbirth which would account for the Fred Weaver in 1860 census who is 11/12 yr old on day of census Jul 5.  
1) No other married Francis Weaver's in 1850 OH that aren't still there in 1870
2) No other baby Weaver's without a mother in Toledo, other than Fred.

(a possible lady is Francis Deyoe of Toledo, OH 1850)

In Charles Weaver hh are 2 brothers George and David Smith, matching George and David born in Ohio:
Home in 1850: Logan, Fountain, Indiana
George Smith 38 NY
Lucinda Smith 40 NY
Betsey Smith 18 NY
George Smith 8 OH
David Smith 3 OH
and our Washington Weaver is also in Logan, IN!

Lucinda Smith is Lucinda Richards in her 2nd marriage.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1829 Ohio, USA    
Death 1859-07-00 Toledo, OH    


Family of Weaver, Charles Poor and Smith?, Francis

Married Husband Weaver, Charles Poor ( * 1829-12-25 + 1915-11-15 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1852      
Name Birth Date Death Date
Weaver, George1853before 1880
Weaver, Fred1859-07-00before 1865