Minchey?, Martha or Maud

Birth Name Minchey?, Martha or Maud
Gender female


I cannot tell if he was married twice or just remarried in 1898. Consensus of children is their mother was Martha Minchey.

Death cert for Stanton Vanford Davenport says s/o Dock Davenport and Martha Minchey b.1880
Death cert for "Fronie Elizabeth Stubblefield" says d/o Dock Davenport and Martha. Informant was "Mrs Verlon Denny" of Lebanon. b. 1886
Death cert for Frannie Wilson says d/o Doc Davenport and Maud. Informant, her husband. b.1886
Death cert for Canzadie Cook says d/o Dock Davenport and Martha Minchey b.1888
Death cert for Marlin Brockett Davenport says s/o Doak Davenport and Sarah Minchey b.1889
Death cert for Sallie Huffines says d/o Doc Davenport and Martha Minchey b.1891


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death about 1895 Jackson, TN    


Family of Davenport, Sampson Alexander and Minchey?, Martha or Maud

Married Husband Davenport, Sampson Alexander ( * 1861-02-12 + 1919-01-03 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1881      
Event Note

Simpson was single in 1880. First child in 1882


Very poorly transcribed names in Jackson Co, TN 1900:
S?? Davenport 39
Sarah Davenport 41
Manson Davenport 17 Stanton?
Heley Davenport 15 Staley?
Rodie Davenport 14 Saphrona?
Caryadie Davenport 10 Cannie?
Mattie Davenport 7
Annie Davenport 8
(S)allie Davenport 6
Infant Davenport 3/12___

I have had to track down names individually to decipher. Daughters married these men (from Cannie Cook's obit):
Mrs. Fronie STUBBLEFIELD of Lebanon, Mrs. Fronnie RUSSELL of Goodletsville, Mrs. Byhia JONES of Franklin, KY.

Frona Stubblefield in Red Boiling Springs, 1920 (believe this is Saphrona married to Walter in 1910 Macon Co)
Anna Russell in Davidson County, 1930

Name Birth Date Death Date
Davenport, Staley Cleveland1882-10-221953-09-09
Davenport, Stanton Bransford1883-08-241946-08-09
Davenport, Saphrona Rhoda?1886-02-121954-04-14
Davenport, Cansada1888-02-171946-05-31
Davenport, Sallie Lena1891-01-081937-05-13
Davenport, Marlin Brockett1891-06-251948-02-21
Davenport, Fannie1892-08-001947-05-05