(Griffin), Hannah?

Birth Name (Griffin), Hannah?
Gender female
Age at Death about 50 years


"Hannah's birth and death dates are just estimates at this time.

Hannah and Robert may have had 5 children: Benjamin 1639, Hannah 1642, Richard 1644, Susannah 1648 and Mary 1649.

It is not certain that Robert's wife was named Hannah. I would like to consider this memorial a place holder which contains certain documentation for this family. And I welcome any new information about the wife of Robert Griffin who is the mother of his children.

The "Vital Records of Rhode Island" Vol 5 (page 86) provides some documentation that Robert Griffin's daughter Hannah was born on December 17, 1642."


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1620      
Death about 1670 RI    


Family of Griffin, Robert and (Griffin), Hannah?

Married Husband Griffin, Robert ( * 1613 + 1664 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Griffin, Hannah1642-12-171709-05-05


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