Hinds, James

Birth Name Hinds, James
Birth Name Hines
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1852      


Family of Hinds, James and Green, Nancy Ann

Married Wife Green, Nancy Ann ( * 1839-02-05 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1876-11-16 Jackson, TN Marriage of "James Hinds" and "Polly Green" 1

I cannot find this couple in the census. Closest match is 1880 Goshen , Warren Co, KY , where her parents ended up:
James Hiner 32
Mary Hiner 40
Lizzie Hiner 9
, but they are still there as Hiner in 1910.

A Lizzie Hinds married ~1889 Garrett D Cook and lived in Fayette, KY

Thursday, December 8, 1898
"James M. Hinds left Saturday for Gentry, Ark., where he goes with a view of locating if he finds the opening for the business he expects. Mr. Hinds was one of Cookeville's best citizens and we can ill afford to lose such. We wish him the greatest success wherever he goes."
(can't find him there in 1900)


    1. Hinds, James
      1. Green, Nancy Ann