Cushman, Sarah

Birth Name Cushman, Sarah
Gender female
Age at Death 23 years


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1615 Leyden, Holland    
Death 1638 Plymouth, Plymouth, MA    


Family of Hoskins, William and Cushman, Sarah

Married Husband Hoskins, William ( * 1616 + 1695-09-07 )

William was connected with the Winthrops which helps to explain his standing in the communities in which he lived, and his education, which was of a superior quality. He was admitted a freeman of Plymouth Colony in 1634. His name appears as Hodgskins several times, and also as Hodgkinsons and Hodgskinson. His first wife died about a year after their marriage. They had one child, Sarah, who was adopted out to Thomas and Winifred Whitney. William served on numerous juries. In 1660 he was granted 2 acres at Lakenham, and it is likely that he settled there. Boyer suggests that Richard was a possible relative of William Hoskins who
married about 1676 Christian Fryer, daughter of Nathaniel and Christian Fryer of Portsmouth.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Hoskins, Sarah1637-09-161672


    1. Cushman, Sarah
      1. Hoskins, William
        1. Hoskins, Sarah