(Robling), Hannah

Birth Name (Robling), Hannah
Gender female


Maiden-name might be Cline/Kline . Granddaughter named Cline, and neighbors were Cline.


Family of Robling, Peter Jr and (Robling), Hannah

Married Husband Robling, Peter Jr ( * + late 1760's )

from Joe Robling:
"From the guardianship records of the court [Darlington Co, SC] dated October 1773 naming Peter Gibbons and Hannah Gibbons as guardians of 8 year old Lewis Robling and 11 year old Sarah Robling, the children of Peter Robling, Jr., Hannah Robling was listed as the widow of Peter Robling, Jr., and as the wife of Peter Gibbons. "

[ next record of Robling's in the 1780's in Rowan Co, NC ]

Name Birth Date Death Date
Robling, Sarah1762
Robling, Lewisabout 17671841-11-00

Family of Gibbons, Peter A and (Robling), Hannah

Married Husband Gibbons, Peter A ( * about 1750 + ... )