Cassetty, Neil/Cornelius?

Birth Name Cassetty, Neil/Cornelius?
Gender male


see notes for son Thomas. Associated surnames in the court records connect these Cassity's.

Court records refer to Neil or Neal , "of great age" in 1752. This is possibly the same person as Cornelius who immigrated to Virginia in 1703. "On a list of importations to Essex County, recorded 10 Mar 1703, are a Cornelius Cassidy and a James Cassidy."

The minors, sons of Neil, in the court records (James, Patrick, John and Peter) are probably from a different, younger, mother. Later they are in Rockbridge Co, VA - the same area in which "Neal Cassaty" witnessed a deed. James, Michael, and Peter are in the 1782 Tax List there . James and Peter are still there in 1787. Other records in Rockbridge include John. A Michael Cassiday was tax delinquent in 1779 Augusta Co, VA, so he could be an older brother who was not a minor at Neil's death. Note Linda Cassidy Lewis suggested that Neal might be a son of Cornelius because of the age disparity, but there are no references to a Neil or Neal after 1767. Finally, Peter names a son Thomas.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death before 1767-11-17 Augusta Co, VA    


Family of Cassetty, Neil/Cornelius?

Name Birth Date Death Date
Cassetty, Thomasbefore 1744after 1776

Family of Cassetty, Neil/Cornelius? and (Cassetty)

Married Wife (Cassetty) ( * + before 1767 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Cassetty, James
Cassetty, Patrick
Cassetty, Johnabout 1751
Cassetty, Peterabout 17561804