(Prince), Lucy

Birth Name (Prince), Lucy
Gender female


"The family of these Prince brothers, Jesse and Zachariah has not been firmly determined. Some evidence points to their parents being John and Elizabeth Freeman Prince, Rutherford County, NC. Recently other documents indicate their mother to be Lucy Prince, who is listed as full blood Cherokee on the 1835 Henderson Roll. "
Ron Prince also disputes the Cherokee connection here -
"In 1896, my great great aunt, daughter of my ancestor Zachariah Prince (not the Zachariah of 1850 Lawrence Co.,KY) tried to obtain citizenship in the Cherokee Indian Nation of Oklahoma. She made a petition to the Dawes Commission stating that Zachariah Prince was the son of Lucy Prince, a full blood Cherokee Indian woman and that Lucy Prince appears on the 1835 Henderson Roll of Cherokees to be removed to Oklahoma. I checked that Roll and did find a Lucy Prince, living on Chatata Creek in McMinn County (present day Bradley County) Tennessee. In 1835...petition was denied"
A "John Prince" "3 Cherokee full bloods" also appears in 1835 Henderson Roll in McMinn Co, TN with numerous other Cherokee familes along Candy's Cree.
[kdd: If Lucy were my 4th great-grandmother, I would have more Native American SNP's in my autosomal DNA test. Instead, the Indian I do have appears to be 8+ generations back]


Family of Prince, John and (Prince), Lucy

Married Husband Prince, John ( * 1740-07-06 + about 1830 )

Had several children by Lucy but their names are unknown ( 2 boys & 1 girl in 1790 census besides John & Preshia )


    1. (Prince), Lucy
      1. Prince, John