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James Roscow was a son of William Roscow who was born in Chorley, Lancashire
England on 30 November 1664 and died on his estate at Blunt Point in Warwick
County Virginia 2 November 1700. James' mother was Mary Wilson. Mary was born
in October 1675 and died 11 January 1741. She was a daughter of Colonel
William Wilson of Elizabeth City County Virginia. William and Mary were
married about 1695.
There were five known children born to William and Mary:

1. James Roscow who married his cousin Jane Wilson.
2. Mary Roscow who married William Cole.
3. William Roscoe who married Lucy Bassett
4. Wilso Roscoe who married Euphan Wallace
5. Willis Roscoe who was born after his father's death and apparently died in

Mary Wilson Roscoe, the mother, married 2nd to Miles Cary. William and Mary
are buried togather at Blunt Point in what today is New Port News, Virginia.

James Roscow was The Receiver General of the Colony of Virginia from
1716-1723 and a member of the Assembly (House of Burgesses) from 1720-1722.

His brother, William Roscow, was also a member of the House of Burgesses from

The family was very prominent in the Virginia Colonial Govenment from the
late 1600's till the start of the American Revolutionary War. They were also
involved in ship ownership, shipping, and trading. They owned the large
plantation of Blunt Point on the James River in Warwick County Virginia
(today New Port News).


James R. Rasco

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William Roscow's tombstone at the site of the old Blunt Point Plantation, New
Port News, Va. (old Warwick County) bears his heraldic Arms containing a lion
rampant and a ragged staff. The crest is a hand holding a dagger. The
inscripion reads: "Vnder this stone lyeth the Body of William Roscow,
Gentleman, who was Borne at Chorley, in the County of Lancashire, the 30th
day of November Anno Dom: 1664, and departed this life at Blunt Point, in ye
County of Warwick, the 2d day of November Anno Dom; 1700".

The following abstract of the will of James Roscow, believed to be the father
of William Roscow of Blunt Point: Dated 3 May 1696 "I give and bequeath to my
dear and loving wife Ann the house wherein I now live inChorley during the
continuance of the lease thereof granted by Mr. Sherburn deceased; I give
futher to my said wife two feather beds with furniture there ubto belonging
togather with six pair of sheets; I give unto my son James Roscoe my land in
Tockholes and tentament in Heath Charnock; I give unto my daughters Ann and
Margarett sixty pounds a piece to be paid them by my executors within eight
months next after my deceast; I give to my son William Roscowe twenty pounds
if the debt owing to me by Mr. Nathaniel Mollyneuse be recovered or paid; All
the rest residue and remainder of my personal estate my mind __ will is
shall be divid into five equal parts or shares and equally distributed and
paid to and amongst my said loving wife my said son James and my three
daughters Ann, Elizabeth, and Margarett; Wife Ann and son James to be
executors; (signed) Ja Roscowe. Witnesses Samuel Crane, Ja Nicconson, W.

Baptisms at Chorley for children of James Roscow (Jacobi Roscow de Chorley):

Ann 2 Feb. 1636
Willmus 15 Oct. 1644
Elizabeth 2 Oct 1653 or 1655
Mary 30 Sept. 1655
James 27 Dec. 1657
Ellen 25 March 1660
Edward 27 April 1662
William 4 Dec. 1664

On April 28, 1687, Sarah Harrison, daughter of Benjamin Harrison of Virginia
pledged to marry William Roscow. Sarah broke her engagement to William Roscow
and married Doctor James Blair. At some point after that but prior to 1692,
William Roscow married Mary Wilson, daughter of Col. William and Jane Wilson
of Elizabeth City County Virginia. Their children were:
1. James Roscow 1692-1720 md. Jennie Wilson ca. 1716.
2. Mary Roscow 1694-1752 md. William Cole Oct. 1, 1710.
3. William Roscow 1696 -1752-3 md. Lucy Bassett ca. 1730.
4. Wilson Roscow 1698- Feb. 2, 1713 md Euphan Wallace.
5. Willis Roscoe 1701- died in infancy without issue.

William Roscow was Churchwarden of Denbigh Parish in Warwick County Virginia
in October of 1696. He was also Sheriff of Warwick County in 1696 and a
member of the Virginia House of Burgesses. In business he was a planter,
merchant, and owner of ships. His son James was appointed Recever General of
the Colony of Virginia in 1716. His son William Roscow, Jr. was a Gentleman
Justice of Warwick County and member of the Virginia House of Burgesses.
William, Jr. married Lucy Bassett daughter of William Bassett of Elitham
Plantation, New Kent County Virginia. He also inherited Blunt Point
Plantation. William may have had a previous unknown wife prior to Lucy. His
children were: James Roscow, Wilson Roscow, Mary Roscow, Martha Roscow, Lucy
Roscoe, Elizabeth Roscoe, and possibly a son named William L. Roscow.
Elizabeth married Francis Leigh. James was a Justice of Warwick County in
1769 and inherited Blunt Point Plantation which he was advertizing for sell
in the local newspapers from June of 1775 to January of 1777. He stated that
in the newspaper that his intentions were to return to England. Apparently he
did not support the American Revolution.


James R. Rasco



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James Roscow, son of Col. William Roscow and Lucy Bassett, grandson of
William Roscoe and Mary Wilson, and heir to the Blunt Point Plantation took
adds in the Local Newspapers shortly before the Revolutionary War stating
that he was selling Blunt Point and paying his debts and that his intentions
were to return to England. I do not know of any male line of descendants of
the original William Roscoe. Only sons I am aware of were James Roscoe,
Recever General and Burgess of the Virginia Colony who married his cousin
Jane Wilson. He died fairly young and if he had children (sons) I do not know
about them; William Roscoe, Jr. who married Lucy Bassett (see above) had
James and several daughters; Wilson Roscow who married Euphan Wallace and
died without issue; Willis Roscoe, born after his father's death and died in
infancy; One daughter, Mary Roscow who married William Cole.
If you know of others or have additional data on the family and descendants,
please advise.

James R. Rasco

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We have the spelling of Roscow going for us.I have William's Baptism 4 Dec 1664 and Birth 30 Nov 1661.Father James mother Anne.William was very much active in the church(Church of England Anglican?)in America.If there are any church records at Chorley Parrish,Lancashire they should have William and maybe brothers you could work from or to.I have no maiden name for Anne.Sure would be interesting if you found a tie.


Family of Roscow, James and unknown, Anne

Unknown Partner unknown, Anne ( * + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Roscow, William1664-11-301700-11-02


    1. Roscow, James
      1. unknown, Anne
        1. Roscow, William