Drake, Nicholas

Birth Name Drake, Nicholas
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


From "Drake in England," p. 63: Nothing has been found in the thirteenth-century Court Rolls relating to him during his life, unless he was the 'fil Rogeri Drake' discussed above [Ed. Note: in earlier text pages]. He was dead before the Court held on 14 June 1302, although then unnamed, and at that on 26 November 1303 'Agnes who was the wife of Nicholas Drake' (an usual way of describing a widow in medieval records) paid a fine of 12d. 'to the lord for help against Thomas att Brok.'"

Since Nicholas' son was "of age, married, ... before 14 June 1302" it is likely that his birth year was no later than 1260 [See discussion, "Drake in England," p. 63, 64].


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth before 1260 Great Waltham, Essex, England    
Death before 1302-06-14 Great Waltham, Essex, England    


Family of Drake, Nicholas and (Drake), Agnes

Married Wife (Drake), Agnes ( * + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage before 1282      
Name Birth Date Death Date
Drake, Nicholas12751331


    1. Drake, Nicholas
      1. (Drake), Agnes
        1. Drake, Nicholas