Birth Name ??
Gender female


Family of Martin, John and ??

Married Husband Martin, John ( * about 1714 + ... )

Same location within Bedford Co, VA as Thomas Martin's imply Gideon and David Martin are connected to Thomas -
Deed Book 3 Pg. 391
24 February 1770 Between William McBridge of the Parish of Russell & Thomas Martin 80 lbs current money of Virginia for 200 acres being on both sides of Stone Wall Creek.Signed William (X his mark) McBridge
No Witnesses

Deed Book 4 Pg. 13
11 Oct 1770 Between David Martin Sr. of the one part and Gideon Martin of the other part 37lbs in hand paid by the Gideon Martin the receipt whereof Doth clearly discharge hath at a Court held for Bedford County Feb 28, 1771 this indenture & memorandum of livory and seizor her endorsed were acknowledged by Richard Stith party thereto & ordered to be recorded Teste:Benjamin Howard.

Deed Book 4 Pg. 374
Apr 24 1769 Between Joseph Ballow of the county of (?) & David Martin of the same County
30 lbs for 272 acres on both sides of Stone Wall Creek near Moses William line.Signed Joseph Ballow
Witnesses:John Merritt, David Matlock, William Page.
[kdd: Is this the John Merritt from Amherst Co, VA? https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Merritt-2043 ]

John Pryer with Gideon Martin, Jane Preston, Thomas Stovall witnessed the will of Jacob Rector in Bedford County VA on 26 Oct. 1779. John Pryer along with Gideon Martin proved the will by oaths on 22 Nov. 1779. John Pryer along with David Martin and Thomas Stovall inventoried the estate of Jacob Rector on 3 Dec. 1779, returned 22 January 1781. “Prier” also used at one place in the record. (Abstracts of Bedford County Virginia Wills, Inventories and Accounts by Joida Whitten, Taylor Publishing Company (Dallas), pp. 101 and 113, referencing will book pp. 359-60 and 387.)

"In 1754 the part of Albemarle lying upon the south side of the river, from the mouth of Stonewall creek to the head of Falling river, was added to Bedford"

A David Martin also next to a Thomas Martin here in Campbell Co, VA. Not Otter Creek!
1791. David Martin: 80O acres both sides of Opossum creek; 56 acres
on branches of Wreck Island.
1795. Thomas Martin: 230 acres both sides of Opossum creek.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Martin, Thomas1738before 1802