Anthis, Alvin

Birth Name Anthis, Alvin
Gender male


May have been married to Margaret Suehagen, aka, Maggie Sneighigan, before Ella Dent:

Name: Marg Suehagen
Spouse Name: A Anthis
Marriage Date: 12 Apr 1882
Marriage County: Knox

In 1900 Census, Alvin has 2 daughters born 1884 and 1886 and then, after a gap of 5 years, Mary. Maggie died 18 May 1888:

Name: Margaret Anthis
Date: 18 May 1888
Location: Knox County
Age: 24 Yr
Gender: Female
Race: White
Source Location: County Health Office, County Health Office Edwardsport, Indiana
Source notes: The source of this record is the book H-26 on page 190 within the series produced by the Indiana Works Progress Administration. ( Indiana Deaths, 1882-1920 )


Family of Anthis, Alvin and Sneighigan, Margaret

Married Wife Sneighigan, Margaret ( * about 1864 + 1888-05-18 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1882-04-12 Knox, IN    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Anthis, Maggie Pearl1884-06-031919-09-30
Anthis, Effie1886

Family of Anthis, Alvin and Dent, Elle Maude

Married Wife Dent, Elle Maude ( * 1871-01-30 + 1945-09-09 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1892-09-00