Kinne, Charles Wesley

Birth Name Kinne, Charles Wesley
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death 1979-11-20 Anaheim, Orange, CA    


Family of Kinne, Charles Wesley and Smith, Olive Vidette

Married Wife Smith, Olive Vidette ( * 1899-01-02 + 1985-02-02 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1958-11-29 Los Angeles, CA   1a

possible match for children:
Name: Joanne Kinne
Birth Date: 14 Dec 1944
Gender: Female
Mother's Maiden Name: Smith
Birth County: Orange

California Divorce Index, 1966-1984
Birth, Marriage, & Death
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Name: Joanne M Kinne
Spouse: Norman L Dunn
Divorce: Feb 1968 - San Bernardino

Name: Joanne M Kinne
Age: 41
Est. Birth: abt 1942
Spouse Name: Kirk D Garlick
Spouse Age: 32
Est. Spouse Birth: abt 1951
Date: 24 Nov 1983
LOCATION: Santa Clara


    1. Kinne, Charles Wesley
      1. Smith, Olive Vidette

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