Martin, James Sr

Birth Name Martin, James Sr
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1720      


Family of Martin, James Sr


In Penningham, James Martin married Jean Sinclar 30 Dec 1741

James and Jean Martin had a large family in Penninghame according to OPR's of:
Margaret 24 June 1742
John 28 August 1743
Elizabeth 4 October 1746
James 2 April 1749
Jean 23 October 1757
? 23 January 1760
Helender 29 April 1761
Esther 20 April 1763

Name Birth Date Death Date
Martin, James Jrabout 17501789-10-05

Family of Martin, James Sr and Broadfoot, Janet

Married Wife Broadfoot, Janet ( * about 1704 + ... )

pure speculation based on grandson William McRobert who wrote that his grandmother married James Martin. Since mother, grandmother and siblings came together to America, I think it more likely that the grandmother was his mother's mother. He also wrote that they died in Albany, NY and there is a head of household "Janet Martin" in Albany, NY 1790. ( 2 free white females ) [ Both of his grandmothers were probably named Janet ]
Last record of Janet Martin is in 1802 Tax Assessment of Albany, NY


    1. Martin, James Sr
        1. Martin, James Jr
      1. Broadfoot, Janet