Woods, John 1

Birth Name Woods, John
Gender male
Age at Death about 82 years


John Woods:

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!RESEARCHER: Carol Mallicoat file 15 Sep 1984.
Warsop Lineage
Campbell lineage.
Tradition says there came to Ireland a certain English trooper, who was in
the Cromwellian Arm y of Invasion in 1649, by the name of ____ WOODS. This
trooper and wife, whose name is unknown, had a son not long after he had
withdrawn from Cromwell's Army and settled down to private life in Ireland.
It is probable that Mr Woods came from Yorkshire, England, and that he
settled in one of the three counties of Fermanegh, Down or Meath.

!RESEARCHER: Odessa L Rosh file 9 Jun 1991.
Pedigree chart.
John Woods b. County Meath, Ireland, son of John Woods and Isabella Bruce.

!RESEARCHER: Yvonne James Henderson (Daisy467@@aol.com) via AOL 3 Aug 1995.
Gedcom = Hend95.GED
Ahnentafel Chart...
1092 John Woods-1731 b 1628 Yorkshire, England; d abt 1710
1093 Isabella Bruce-1732 b 1632 Scotland; d Scotland

!RESEARCHER: Ann Holder Holmes file.
GEDCOM re Woods 26 June 1995.
1. John woods b 1628 Yorkshire, England; d ca 1710; m Isabella Bruce, b
1632 Scotland, had
John Woods


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1628 Yorkshire, England    
Death about 1710      


Family of Woods, John and Bruce, Isabella

Married Wife Bruce, Isabella ( * 1632 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1628 Yorkshire, England    

from Cecilia linda L Fabosbecker:
"Sir John Woods of Dunshaughlin Castle was the son or grandson grandson of Sir John Woods from Yorkshire, married to Isabel Bruce who came into Ireland with Cromwell. All the _Protestant_ Woods of Ireland ultimately descend from this man, according to an article citing Landed Gentry, England by Burke (Of Burke's Peerage publications.) page 2267. No edition year is given."

Name Birth Date Death Date
Woods, John16541722-03-09


    1. Woods, John
      1. Bruce, Isabella
        1. Woods, John