Elam, Melvin

Birth Name Elam, Melvin
Gender male


http://www.newrivernotes.com/hockett/wcvdeaths.htm has 2 Elam husbands - Morgan first, then Melvin


Family of Elam, Melvin and Davenport, Rosa L

Married Wife Davenport, Rosa L ( * 1863-11-00 + between 1920 and 1930 )

whole family lives next door in Saltville, Washington Co, VA

from here - http://hswcv.org/files/People_Index2.pdf
Is this "Rosa L Davenport" wife of "Melvin Elam Davenport", picture number 868?
or "Rosa L Snead" wife of Oliver Nickerson Snead

Name Birth Date Death Date
Elam, Seldon R1883-07-00
Elam, David A1888-06-00
Elam, Martha M1891-04-00
Elam, Marry? E1894-05-00