Connen, Elizabeth

Birth Name Connen, Elizabeth
Also Known As Connine, Elizabeth
Gender female


Couldn't find parents in LDS Parish record, but this is probably her brother:

Walter Conine m. Isoble McKie 14 Nov 1695 Kirkinner, WigtonShire,Scotland.

Some transcribers thought Connen/Conine/Coning/McConing were the same name. This family might be related then:
1684 Parish Enumeration, Whitehorne, Skeoch Farm_
Janet Coning, wd. Rec (usant)
Patrick McConing, elder
Margret Coning.
Patrick Coning, yor
Elizabet Coning

In addition, there is a single "Connen" in the enumeration - a "disorderly person" (one who does not attend church service) -
in the Mochrum Parish, Wigtonshire: Janet Connen


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1685 Kirkinner, Wigtownshire, Scotland    


Family of McCrobert, Thomas and Connen, Elizabeth

Married Husband McCrobert, Thomas ( * about 1680 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1704-06-20 Kirkinner, Wigtownshire, Scotland Marriage of McCrobert, Thomas and Connen, Elizabeth  

I've included only McCrobert's in the LDS Parish Records which specifically say Thomas father and also right date range. There may be 2 Thomas McCrobert's as I can't account for this record:
Thomas McCrobert m. ? c Isobell m John Stewart 19 Apr 1711 Kirkinner
4 cases:
First Thomas who married Janet Milmine had children Janet 1704 and Patrick 1739 ?
Second Thomas who married Elizabeth Connen had Janet 1712
Third Thomas and unknown mother had Isobell 1711 and Margaret <1706
Fourth Thomas father of William

The birth of "lawful daughter" Janet in 19 Nov 1704 to Thomas McRobert and Janet Milmine and the marriage of Thomas McRobert to Elizabeth Connen 20 Jun 1704 cannot be the same Thomas McCrobert.

--> Milmine could be McIlmine, related to Janet McIlmine who married Willam McRobert in 1721.

"1 Apr 1712 Thomas McCrobert and Elisabeth Connine in Kilwauch had a lawful daughter born on Friday the 20th of March and Baptised the 1st April called Janet" - probably means they were living on Kirwaugh farm which is 1.4 miles from Bladnoch.

Name Birth Date Death Date
McCrobert, Williamabout 17031769-05-15
McCrobert, Margaretabout 1706
McCrobert, Janet1712-04-01