Cottle, Edward

Birth Name Cottle, Edward
Gender male
Age at Death more than about 82 years


This early setler of Tisbury was born about 1628, and although a discrepancy exists in the records as to this point, it is considered more probable that this represents the date of his birth, rather than ten years earlier. He first settled in that part of Salisbury now known as Amesbury, Massachusetts. There is extant a statement made by him of his experiences there which is printed here as the best account of the reasons which caused him to move from that place:-
"I the sd Edward Cottle obtained among other lands a tract clled the Lion's mouth beign a neck of land...& built a sufficient house - sd lands possessed many years, which house being providentially burnt together with my goods, I then build a small house att a place called Jamaica, w'thin same township, w'ch being burnt by the Indians (1668) & not being so able in estate as some other of my associates in said paarts was necessitated to try what success I might have by removing to the southwardly part of New England, hopeing the Eastern parts might in time obtain a settled peace that I might then Return, to my inheritance again: but matters occuring Contrary, I purchased a small settlement at ye town of Tisbury in Dukes County afores'd & being now grown aged & out of hopes of Ever returning."

This interesting and valuable statement does not disclose his intermediate place of residence, before coming to Tisbury, but we learn that he removed from Amesbury with his wife Judith and a family of six or seven children and migrated to Nantucket about 1668-9, where he resided about seven or eight years. At least four children of record were added to his family there, and then he probably returned to the mainland, taking up a residence at a place called "Mannamoiett." This is probably identical with Monomoy on the southeastern part of Cape Cod. He is mentioned as of that place in 1677, and on March 5, 1677-8, "Edward Cottle & his wife of Mannamoiett, for prophaning the Sabath by quarrelling (were) fined 40s-" with the alternative "to be whipt." His stay there was brief, not exceeding three years.

He came to Tisbury about 1680 and is called a "freeholder" in the records as early as 1683. He was chosen one of a committee to procure a new town charter in 1687; to divide proprietors' lands in 1688; a fence viewer in 1688; a constable in 1689; and surveyor of highways in 1699. It is not known where he lived before 1688, but in that year he bought of Thomas Mayhew the eastern half of the home lot of Josiah Standish, consisting of twenty-four acres. It is probable that this had been the site of his residence for some years prior to that date. This he sold to his son John in 1700, and his declining years were probably spent in Chilmark, perhaps with his son James, as in 1710 he calls himself a resident of that town. There is no record of his death either in the town or probate records. He had disposed of all his property to his son and nothing remained to be divided and made a matter of record. As he was at least 82 years old in 1710 and "grown aged" it is probable he died not long after.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1628 Salisbury, Essex Co., MA    
Death after 1710 Nantucket, Nantucket, MA    


Family of Cottle, Edward and Osgood, Judith

Married Wife Osgood, Judith ( * 1629 + 1681-10-01 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1651 Salisbury, Essex Co., MA Marriage of Cottle, Edward and Cottle, Judith ( )  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Cottle, Edward1651-01-17WFT 1668-1741
Cottle, Mary1653-11-01WFT 1667-1747
Cottle, Benjamin1655-03-02WFT 1656-1745
Cottle, Sarah1657-03-00WFT 1658-1751
Cottle, Judith1659-03-05WFT 1660-1753
Cottle, Hannah1661WFT 1699-1756
Cottle, Elizabeth1663-04-19WFT 1664-1757
Cottle, Edward1666-09-281752
Cottle, James16681750-10-00
Cottle, Judith1670-04-13WFT 1671-1764
Cottle, Ann1672-03-03WFT 1686-1766
Cottle, Lydia1672-05-17WFT 1673-1766
Cottle, John1675-09-07WFT 1676-1765
Cottle, Samuel1676WFT 1677-1766