Mullins, Mary

Birth Name Mullins, Mary
Gender female


Family of Hall, Isham and Mullins, Mary

Married Husband Hall, Isham ( * + ... )
Hall, Isham. Publication 26 June 1788. Location: Henry County.
Description: 318 acres on the waters of Little and Big Jack’s Creek, adjoining
Hancock, Parrot &c. Source: Land Office Grants No. 18, 1788-1789, p. 14 (Reel
84). Note: Isham Hall married Mary Mullins; daughter, Lucinda Hall married
John Davenport, s/o Glover Davenport & Ann Jouett.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Hall, Lucybetween 1770 and 1780between 1840 and 1850


    1. Mullins, Mary
      1. Hall, Isham
        1. Hall, Lucy