Carvin, David

Birth Name Carvin, David
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1828 Indiana, USA    


Family of Carvin, David and Davenport, Marsilva

Married Wife Davenport, Marsilva ( * 1836 + prob after 1870 )

A guess based on matching names and birthdates for Marsilva's family. They live only a few doors from her mother.

David Carver 1828 IN
Silva 1835TN
Hanna 1856TN
Robert 1857TN
Fulmer 1860TN

In 1870 District 2, Jackson Co, TN:
David Carvin 1825TN
Marsilva 1836TN
Anna C 1856TN
Tmrath T 1860TN
John C B 1861TN
Isaac N 1864TN
Marian A 1867TN
King D 1868TN

===> no record after 1870 in Jackson County, TN ; must have moved. Except for this curious entry:
Mars* Carv* b.1828 Civil District 3, Jackson, Tennessee
Dolia Clark granddaughter b. 1867

Name Birth Date Death Date
Carvin, Hannah C1856
Carvin, Robert1857
Carvin, Tamrath?1860
Carvin, John C B1861
Carvin, Isaac N1864
Carvin, Marian A1867
Carvin, King D1868