Brewster, William Sr.

Birth Name Brewster, William Sr.
Gender male
Age at Death about 55 years


Event Date Place Description Sources
Nobility Title     Sr.  
Birth about 1535 Scrooby,Nottingham,England    
Death 1590      


Family of Brewster, William Sr. and Smythe, Prudence

Married Wife Smythe, Prudence ( * 1538 + 1590 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Brewster, Williamabout 1566about 1644-04-10

Latter-Day Saints/ LDS Ordinance

Type Date Temple Place Status Sources
baptism 1921-07-05        
endowment 1922-02-10        


    1. Brewster, William Sr.
      1. Smythe, Prudence
        1. Brewster, William